Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just another manic Sunday.

You know, the usual stuff like chores (demonstrated here by husband, Papa, and co-owner of South Pork Ranch)

The sheen on his shoulders is not baby oil to show off his muscles, it is old fashioned sweat, which has been applied to show off his muscles. It wasn't even 9 am and the sun was high and hot with no wind. Must still be summer.

We did take a bit longer for breakfast today. I made both bacon and sausage links because really. how can it be Sunday without bacon ? Promptly afterwards we made rooster rounds. We recently were gifted a Banty rooster and wanted to make sure everyone was still playing nice with him in the farm yard.

Banty looked good. No harm, no fowl. He's an amazing little guy, and the rooster is cool too. The GK's can touch him anywhere (they are very gentle) and he never makes any attempt to peck. He even walks up to them to be picked up. Now you know I hate those blogs that go on and on about the angelic qualities of poultry except of course when it comes to mine. I mean come on. Just look at those EYES

So full of wisdom and strength, so full of sweetness and light, so full of empathy and good will to all poultry kind through out the land. Sniff...he's so handsome too, regal even.His dark red comb the  hue of cherry jello almost. Don't tell me he doesn't take YOUR breath away as well. And if Banty is not enough to make you swear off chicken a la queen just take a glance at Sunset here:

A Black Spanish heritage turkey, he was a gift from a customer of ours in appreciation of our sharing some semen from our Red Wattle Boar ,Mad Max. Actually Mad Max was the one who did the semen "sharing" but this is no time to split hairs now is it?

Our GK Allana named it, Sunset,  for no good reason at all. That's just how she rolls. Having been with us since a wee little Turk he is also quite subdued and maybe even reasonably smart...for a turkey. Just the other day we saw him move AWAY from a moving vehicle. A good start indeed

Following poultry roll call, I went down to the barn for my pedicure appointment. I am the type of freak who enjoys cleaning all the manure and other debris off the milk tank room floor and walls. I start with hot hot bleach water to wash our calf bottles and buckets then splash it all around the room to share the germicidal moment. Bleach is an approved cleanser for organic farms and its a good thing because I am very fond of bleach. Its the nurse in me. The Deliverence HILLBILLY in me however, prefers to do all this cleaning in my bare feet.

Any little cut or scrape I might have on my foot is immediately sterilized and my toenails are a whiter shade of pale by the time all washing is completed.

I ended the day with a few photographs of a recently made soap. I call it...
Pretty Boy Lloyd soap. No particular reason, I just roll that way.

And now a word about my soap photography. In the beginning it really stunk, then I tried using a "white box" made with foam board and my pics improved. Or my soap making did, hard to tell which came first the sicken or the keg, (I'm making beer soap tomorrow by the way) but either way my soap was more presentable.

But tonight I walked out to our farm store where these bars were located and just plopped them down on our old wooden counter which was painted yellow. Worked well I think. Keep it simple Stupid. Keep it simple.


  1. I really must buy some bacon today. Here I can buy large slabs of proper smoked bacon (not organic sadly), whereas in the UK the quality is usually pretty poor (mostly Danish).

    Soap. It must be a girl thing; I buy mine in liquid form. Press the button, out it comes.

  2. It's lovely to see the poultry so trusting and the children so gentle with them.

  3. One can see that the animals are treated well. It is always nice to see children being able to groom animals.
    Your soap is beautiful, the combination of white and blue with the cocoa line.

  4. Beautiful soap! I am amazed yet again at your talents!

  5. You have MADE MY DAY by confirming that bleach is an approved disinfecting agent for an organic farm. I don't know HOW I'd live without my bleach.

    You have lovely toes.

    And the soap is truly a work of art. I'd hate to get it soapy!

  6. Cro, you would be surprised at the number of men who make soap. Instead of thinking of it as a gnder think think of it as art.Well, some soap makers are artists, others like me are here for laughter value.

    Jen, I'm waiting for your first batch of anti-throbus soap !

    MBJ, yes our GK's are very gentle on the farm. Thye know I'd bop 'em up side the head if they weren't !

    MISC. I ran out of cocoa and my line is made fron cinnamon sugar. I tend to use whatever is lying around. Next week I might make the line from chicken yard dust

    Crazy and Lana You would think there would be a way that we could pool our resources for a quiet little rustic cabin time share.

  7. Donna,

    I like your Pretty Boy Llyod soap. The light blue curls are great.