Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Les Miserable Farmers

24 hours ago we were sweating unlike pigs, who do not sweat so stop saying you sweat like one because it is just wrong wrong wrong. Yes, we were all miserable. Except the GK's who had no problem keeping cool like kids of generations ago...with a water gun and a flooded sandbox.
Speaking of which, this sandbox has served the family for over 18 years which might explain the rather large femur bone found in it yesterday. We are assuming it is not human as the nail was unpainted. Kids merely reported it to Yaya Security. It was disposed of and playtime continued.

Now you know why I don't believe in tiny bottles of antibacterial gels. Really, what would be the point around here ?

Some of us, I mean them, worker harder than others the past few days. This guy, believe or not actually VOLUNTEERED to work this hard.
Sasha, shown above, is a grad student at U of I. He interviewed us a few months ago and then called us a few weeks ago to see if he could work for us for experience alone. We debated about it a very long time. Risk and liability vs free labor. Six seconds later we said  YES !

We have gifted him with some measly packages of meat and eggs but really not enough money in the world some days to do this rotten farm job. It was 136 degrees when I took this shot but I braved the heat thinking Sasha might need it if he wanted to get out of anything at home later this week.

Many many thanks to Sasha and our long standing intern Aaron (in the loft stacking these bales) as well as to sons Jason and Kyle who helped earlier in the week. If all goes well and the farm sells soon Keith will only have about 1/10 the number of bales to put away for the winter next year.Oh happy day.

Our porcine herd also made it through the heat wave, but not without extra spa hours. Pigs need water and mud and more water. One of my favorite farm jobs is the hose job, until they begin to shake all that funked on manure and mud all over me. Again, I refer to the antibiotic gels...the point would be ?

Don't worry, after a day like this I wash very well in the shower with this great handmade soap full of wonderfully smelling essential oils and moisturizing butters like Mango. The 1:1 Clorox solution I dip my whole bod in afterwards is helpful too.


  1. I LOVE your sense of humor! You are truly a kindred spirit.

    Now what on earth was Sasha thinking??? Do you have a daughter his age possibly or is he really this kind and ambitious :) HA!

  2. and btw, I am wayyyy irish! Tobin is my maiden name :)

  3. I can't decide who looks happier in the mud, the kids or the pigs.

  4. It's good to see Your GKs happily playing in the mud. Many children are nowadays brought up so "antibiotically". When I was a child I flooded my sandbox, too. Love to remember.

  5. i wouldnt mind a helper called sasha ( or looking like him either!)

  6. antibacterial what?? hehe! I remember going out and playing in the sandbox, flooded, of course! and playing in the mud, dirt, or whatever else was around....some today can barely believe that we made it thru childhood and lived to tell the tale!!
    Have a wonderful week,

  7. Love the photo of the pig keeping cool! They say that horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow!

  8. Dear Homemaker TOBIN, no, no dgt but he has a four year old son and a Fiance'and thank you for the comments. Some days I feal real funny. Other days I just look that way

    MBJ. The kids love the mud and the sand and the dirt. After a week with me though their mother may not love me so much !

    Misc. and Deb, I too was brought up with lots of dirt. We poor kids of 1968 Warrenville days only took baths on full moons.

    Dear John, Sasha is soon to be Mr Sasha (see fiance' comment above) but I'll pass your compliment along. Everyone needs to be admired from afar, now and then.Of course I'M the Blog writer, does anyone compliment my beard ? Well, Nooooooooooo.

    And Rare, leave it to you to bring a bit of class to this heathen blog. You make me glow for sure

  9. Your post made me laugh out loud, so I can't help but comment...your picture didn't get Sasha out of a single chore at home, but all his hay cuts did get him a little bit of pity.

    Thanks for the honey and eggs too!

  10. Love the pix of the pig! Which reminds me to thank you for the suggestion of Red Wattles. :)