Sunday, July 24, 2011

Versatile or just ADD ?

Versatile Blogger. That's me according to Briny Bar Soaps
and Miscellanea who recently showered me
 (OK, just my blog) with praise. How fun is that ?

The rules:

1. Link back to the blog that nominated you in a new post and remember to thank them. 

2. Share 7 Random things about yourself
 Professional hitchhiker 1971-1979
 My Nickname as a child was Donut.
 I want to change my name to Elzeba
 If I could get skinny again the first thing I would do is take my horse swimming
 I don't miss nursing. I miss hospice which was more than nursing. I do miss my nurse friends dearly
 My nose is registered as a lethal weapon. I can smell gas 4 miles away. Human and natural
 In my next life I would like to be a hoarder in a world where hoarders are respected like royalty.

3.  Award 7 new blogs with this award and contact them to let them know they've won.

 New blogs ? Hmmmm. Since I do not know when most folks started blogging I am going
 to give the award to bloggers who are truly (in my goofball opinion) versatile. One more thing. There are so many great blogs out there but I tried to pick a few who had not been honored beforeas far as I could tell.

 Sugar Mountain Farm Far from new but the first blog I ever  
 followed. Walter and family are amazing in all they do to promote real farm WORK and raise
 high quality food. He will not have the time to stop and give others the award but that is
 OK because he shares enough about his work on his blog to benefit thousands.

 Our Crazy Farm. lady is the cream of the crop when
 it comes to Faith. I read her because she humbles me over and over and over

 Nakin Soaps. This lady's depth in blogging is deeper than my
 own personal width. The colors she obtains from things like rhubarb roots is amazing. I
 learn soaping, photography, history of herbs all on my blog.
 Five Acres and a Dream Leigh works so hard I think she
 cans, fixes fence, animal tends in her sleep

  Rare Lesser Spotted Oh this man ! I just call him 
 "Rare". He is a class act blogger. Has taken to me to many classy places I never would
 have been granted entry to without his obvious influence in the community.

  A Mission Impossible Jarmara here is not near the
 darkly Gothic gal you might think she is when you first see her blog. She is instead a very
 dedicated and hard working writer. I love her dedication to the craft.

 Home on The Hill  Art is not young or new but he is
 reliable, brave and can garden in a tire like no other.

See that ? See how versatile I was. I picked a soap blog, some farm blogs, a writing blog,
a classy guy blog versatile...and in need of more meds to settle my synapses enough
to pick just ONE area of interest.
        Good luck.

Who said that ?!?




  1. Congratulations...definitely versatile.

  2. Congrats! I am so honored to be on your list! You are one of my favorite blogs to read.... sniff, sniff.... I'll try not to cry.... which makes the award extra special:)) The 7 Random things about you are too, too funny! True I am sure, but funny:))

  3. Donna, I could go on for a while showering Your blog with praise and clouds of incense, if You don't mind.

  4. Yes, this Versatile Blogger thingy is fun indeed. It all makes you want to raise your hands to the sky and shout "They like me, they really like me!"

    Or maybe thats just me.