Thursday, July 7, 2011

Butter me up

We've been milking cows  for 18 years.

Cream. Certified Organic Raw cream.
 But I didn't start making butter until 6 months ago.

Spinning around in a food processor for several minutes
 I thought it was hard.
That it might require effort

It gets thick, really really...
Imagine my surprise

THICK. Stop the food processor. Scoop some whipped cream into a bowl
and add some sweetener. Now go take it into a dark corner
and eat it slowly and uninterrupted.
My shock and Awe

Press that "on" button again and wait..wait...for the
 When I realized all it took

For the fat, the BUTTER, to separate from the liquid, now the
Was time

Squeeze out the buttermilk and swish the balls of butter
around in icy cold water. Do it again. Yes again
Pat dry. Add a little salt to taste
Cook with it
Saute with it
Bake with it
Eat it with your fingers (if you are 3)
Spread it all over your toast
 All good things take time and are worth WAITING for.


  1. Gram used to make butter and she didn't have a food processer or a churn...just her good strong arm. She made her own cottage cheese too. I think I still have the recipe for it. I'll bet your butter tastes wonderful. Do you make your own bread?

  2. I love making butter.... I have been having the kids make butter since they were small by putting heavy whipping cream into a clean, dry jar with a lid and letting them shake it until it turns into butter!!
    I bet yours is better, coming from fresh cream!

  3. I don't even mess with the food processor, blender, etc. anymore. I scoop the cream off the top, put it in a separate jar. Leave it on a shelf overnight with a light cover then cover it with a lid, pop into the fridge in the morning. After work, I pull it out of the fridge and shake the bejeepers out of it for a few minutes and it's butter. The overnight ripening really makes it go fast and there's much less to wash up after.

  4. LOL I had to laugh about your remark on taking a bit of cream off to a corner to eat uninterupted. Thanks for the smile. :)

  5. What a great idea! I'm saving up my goat cream and almost have 2 full quart jars in the freezer. I was figuring on doing the old "shake the jar" method, but I can do this!