Monday, July 18, 2011


Ah, who knew soap could be so controversial ? So imbued with intense feelings, opinion and gut reactions ? So inlaid with angst, painful grief and joyous accomplishment ?

After the international outcry in regards to my last post I'll tell you the honest truth.
I was done with this hobby turned bad. I decided to burn all my soap bars.

I stacked them all into a large pile in my 1910 claw foot bathtub. Shoving a few of my Midwife Farmwife soap labels under and around the pile I struck a match and lit the mountain of Egg yolk-lavender-Javawood (my favorite and the hardest to say goodbye to) Patchouli Oatmeal and yes, even the source of all controversy, my SUPER NOVA soap.

I stood back. At first just a few whiffs of scent. Then a full blown bonfire of essential oils dripping through Mango butter and Babassu oils creating a purple haze of color. Suddenly the aroma shifted. The smoky base note  mixed with the Clary Sage-Geranium bar or was it the Sandalwood Coffee bar ? Anyway the scent became magically unreal, ethereal, surreal and really uh...good.

What have I done ?!?! Quick as a middle aged, chubbified, Yaya can move I turned on the bathtub faucets and frantically splashed water over my pile of angry fire. That's when it happened. Even thinking about it now I am bereft. The fire went out and the soap...the soap...the soap began to bubble. Softly at first and then picking up speed as the water trickled through the kitty wampus stacked bars, bubbles just bubbled up every where crawling up the sides of the tub in an attempt to escape the still searing heat.  I stood back. Silent in awe as the tub began to overflow with water and bubbles and the scent of charcoal Jasmine and raw cream.

What to do ? What to do ?

I took a bath.

Photo from Google. Choosen because it looks just like me

The best bath of my life.


  1. That is one pile of suds.....God help the septic system.

  2. OMG!!! You've reinvented soap making!!! but what is a Yaya?

  3. You have a gift of making people laugh dear Farmwife! :))))

  4. MBJ: The septic is well aware of my soapscapades. We have an agreement. It does not tell Keith what I put into it and I have it secretely cleaned out every year

    Cocobong (so happy you are still blogging me) A Yaya is the name my GK's (grandkids) gave me amny year ago. My hten 2yr old grand daughter heard me talking about "secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood" and started calling me that. And so it has stuck

    Crazy: making you laugh is important to me because YOU make me remember to praise

  5. My oh my. Another soapy posting, full of good, clean fun. Of course, being on a farm, if the suds overflowed from the tub, I guess that would be 'foam, foam on the range..' Yep, that was my lousy attempt at almost being mildly funny. 'Lather', the best medicine? No? Sorry, I know you lather I went back to my shy and humble blog...bye :)

  6. Woman, you are the mistress of crazy farm writing! Love it!

  7. LOLOL! I never would have dreamed soap could burn! Who but you would have even considered it. :)

  8. I can just see Cocobong hiding behind you, with a huge cosh in her hand. Is she waiting for me by any chance?

    Your suds look divine.

  9. Klahanie, your humor is warped and off kilter. I am proud to have you as a new follower. May I use "Lather, the best medicine" in my soap promotions ? I LOVE it !

    Zan, I've been called crazy before but never in conjunction with farming AND writing. Thansk for the complements

    And my new friend Cro...although we have only just met we have managed to get ourselves into some hot water this week have we not ? What shall we do NEXT week?

  10. And Leigh, I often turn to fire in times of stress. A long time ago in a land far away I actually set an entire lake on fire. But I should hushup about that. The case is not entirely closed yet.