Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Waaaa Waaaaa Waaaa

Yup. That would be me whining about the heat. After all its not like this is July in Illinois or something. Last summer we were spoiled like banana's left on the school bus in a paper sack after a field  trip to Brookfield zoo. Spoiled I tell you.

I don't believe it got over 90 degrees for more than 10 minutes last year thus the reason these 100 degree plus days are wearing us down.

Down baby, down. Really it was hot.

     "How Hot Was It ?"

It was so hot 115 years worth of oils and sweat from thousands of hand grips gone by, oozed their way back up through our wood railing in our staircase. Other peoples DNA dripping all over the place. Ewww and ewww.

It was so hot that I did not even notice farm store customer number 4's odd looks at me until he drove away and I realized I had stuck the end of the hose (with its cold running water) into the waistband of my shorts. In truth I had forgotten completely about that dang hose (I had been cleaning the milk parlor thank you very much) until I started walking away and when I reached the end of the hose I was yanked backwards onto my keister. Good thing my keister is well kushioned.

It was so hot that the husband came in at 2:30pm, announced he was LAYING DOWN and promptly took a nap in our bedroom, the only room in the house with an AC unit. He had only worked 8 hrs so far, the slacker. He felt better after a couple hr rest but then announced our ONE and ONLY AC unit was acting odd and may be breaking down.

Just great. Looks like we'll be sleeping in one of the freezers in the farm store. Again.

Even with all that I still had a fabulous morning with my sister Mary who came by to help me sort items for my garage sale this weekend. Even though she has a life and a home and a family of her own. Not only did she help me sort, she also treated this Quasi-Hoarder with great sensitivity.

"NO !" She barked. "You do not need to keep a partially torn Wolf poster just because Kyle once owned it and might decide to collect all things wolf again like he did when he was 10."( he turns 21 in a few days) Yes with her love and support "I SAID NO !" We managed to fill many boxes with all things collectible while remaining mostly worthless. It felt great to de-junk several areas. I just hope she saved enough patience to help me go through my Christmas closet next week.

In the midst of downsizing the household Keith and Sasha (U of I Grad student) worked hard to provide extra shade  for our Red Wattle sow Debbie due to farrow any day now. See contest rules below

Guess which weed pigs won't eat ?
The hanging of the blue tarp came after they hand dug a nice water hole for Miss Debbie and carried buckets of water to partially fill it. She best show her gratitude with a large healthy litter.

And speaking of litters...Its time to play Wattle Wattle who has the most Wattles. Here are the rules
     Via comments on THIS post or email at
            Guess the date, time and number of piglets birthed.
     You must give me all three: date, exact time and number of piglets to be a valid entry
     The last day to enter is July 25, 2011

To help you guess. Debbie's usual litter size is 8-10
Her due date (according to our rarely accurate records) is July 28
The winner will receive your choice of one of the following . A $25 gift certificate to use in our Farm Store, a South Pork Ranch T-shirt or 4 bars of my handmade semi-artisan all natural soap which I will mail to you no matter what odd little corner of our world you might live in.

Ready ? Set ? GO!!


  1. I'm usually pretty good at guessing games, so I'll go for Christmas day (Dec 25th), lunchtime (Just when the turkey's cooked), and a good round dozen (12).

    Fifth day of rain here. Still, at least it's too wet to do any weeding!

  2. Well if it's only Cro guessing then, I WIN....after all...

    I would say July 23 at approximately 2:00am (naturally) and 9 piggies. My best wishes to the mother to be.

  3. "5th day of rain" he says. What nerve

  4. I'll guess...July 29 at 2115 and 10 piglets, Professor Parrish in the Hogcienda with a candlestick...sorry wrong game. Miss ya -

    Big J

  5. July 30th, 10am, 11 piglets. And, I'd love to have some soap!! :-)

    I hope all piglets are healthy and that mama pig will be doing great in this heat.

  6. Okay - my husband had to guess as much fun for him to miss out on. He thinks it will be a Saturday (July 23rd) birth or farrow, around 2:30pm and there will be 6 piglets. That's personally from the mouth of Deputy Dave!

    He cracks me up.

  7. First of all, I've awarded you the versatile blogger award on my blog. Go check it out.

    Second of all, I want a t-shirt. Or some soap. Haven't decided yet. I'm guessing Sunday the 24th, 6:47pm (once the heat starts to taper), 8 piglets.

  8. Put me down for July 27th at 5:45 a.m.

    ....and get that AC fixed!

  9. Hi Donna,
    I want to let you know that you have been nominated for "The Versatile Blogger Award" by me. Please come and check it out. =)

  10. Ok I'm in too. July 29, 8am 11 piglets. :^) I miss piglets so much I may have to drive up just to see the little oinkers when they get here.

  11. Pregnant in July?? What was she thinking?? At least it is social acceptable for her to wattle and wallow in a mud puddle! Last week I learned that pigs don't sweat?? If that's true where does the expression "sweating like a pig" come from?? One of life's unansered questions!
    My guess is July 29th, 9 am, 9 piglets! Cindy K.

  12. count me in if it's not too late....July 31, around 8pm and 9 piglets...would love some of your soap!

  13. july 26th at 0400 hrs and 8 piglets.
    Love and miss ya Deb Robbins