South Pork Ranch

South Pork Ranch is the name of our farm, the place where we live, work and occasionally sleep...for now. We've been here in Chatsworth Illinois for almost 19 years moving to the farm just one year after we married. In this 113 year old farm house we raised 4 children and now share it sometimes with our 3 fantabulous grandchildren.

We make our living raising and selling certified organic beef, pork and raw milk. Most of our meat is sold direct to the consumer who either comes to our little farm store located a couple hundred feet from our back door, or to them via the carcass.

They order 1/4, 1/2 or whole carcass, we take it to the Eureka locker and then the customer picks it up after all the processing.

We also sell to four grocery stores when we have any extra left over which is becoming more and more rare. For all the details about our organic meat business please go to the South Pork Ranch Website.

In 2010 we decided to sell South Pork Ranch so we could live our dream of homesteading. We have loved the very busy, very satisfying life we have nurtured here but there comes a time when...enough is enough. The farm has so much potential, so many ways it can grow and expand but we decided we are not the best pair to take it to that level. We are ready for a very different lifestyle.

We are as of today (Jan 10, 2014) very close to closing on the sale of this farm, this life, in order to start another. To read about THAT please jump on over to The Poor Farm Tab at the top of this blog


Very close to receiving an offer on our farm. Nope, not from the gentleman I spoke of in January, he changed his mind, but from a new (and improved) couple. Loan applications by the interested party have been made, investors have been contacted (to help finance portions of the deal) and livestock is being purchased which will assist new owners with their business plans for 2014-2015. The owners to be have some amazing plans which will include all the products we sell now plus expansion into areas we never had the time for. Stay tuned for details as they evolve!


  1. I agree. Your farm has all the potential to grow further, as long as it is well-taken care of. I think it would be a shame if it would be mismanaged, had you sold it to a wrong investor. Anyway, how did the negotiations go?

    Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group

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