Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Renegade Midlife Farmwife

I am very grateful to The Renegade Farmer who has published several of my articles this last month. The experience has been tremendous for me in regards to meeting a deadline (every Saturday) and staying focused in my writing. The deadline part is indeed the most difficult since I rarely know what day it is to begin with.

I've toyed with the idea of leaving a post-it on the side of my bed with the day of the week written on it in large letters, SUNDAY, for example but with my recent teen years flashbacks I'm worried I'll wake up, see SUNDAY in block letters and think I'm suppossed to find those day of the week bikini underwear. I'll spend 60 minutes rattling through my drawers, I mean my dresser, for SUNDAY before I remember they never made those dang things in briefs anyway so it couldn't be SUNDAY underwear I am looking for, here in 2011 could it ?

Where were you ? Oh yeah, if you've followed my blog for more than a post or two you are quite aware of my UNFOCUSED nature. It's really not intentional. I'll start on one topic but soon that ever haunting flight of ideas takes to the sky and I'm off rambling, rambling, like a rambling man.

I did a large number of back flips in my competitive gymnastics days (I did so!) and my brains are still partially scrambled.

This could too have been me....could too...could too...could...too.

So, this weeks article is about direct marketing to restaurants. A fair amount of folk ask us about how to do this, when to do this, and why did you do this ?   I thought an article on the topic might be helpful to other farmers who want to sell their farm raised meat to higher end restaurants without all the middle men like Tyson, to name just one we have no respect for. We're no experts but we've learned enough along the way to be completely aware of how clueless we really are.

A link ? Well I had a teacher named Mr. Link at Anna McDonald Grade School once., poor fellow, quite brilliant but he could not say his "D"'s for some reason so when he talked about The Mediterranean he said "Mefforanean" which gave us all uncontrollable gigg...what ? oh the link, here you go.


  1. I'm over 40 and it seems I need Post-It Notes to keep my day together and on schedule! This made me laugh!

  2. No post it notes here babe...I use those lined index cards from the dollar store. They are all over the place. Sometimes my hubby will come shuffling over to me and say, "I found this on the end table" and I tell him to "put it back, that's for tomorrow". Popping over to renegade land now.

  3. sweetie
    lovely post
    WHENEVER YOU back flipped
    doesnt matter

  4. I think your articles are great. What a venue.