Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't BEE crazy

When Keith came running up to the house the other night yelling for my camera, I was mildly intrigued. He's a laid back type of guy so this behavior was unexpected. All three GK's were present and accounted for so no worry there but the camera odd. He never takes pictures.

So I meandered out to where he was behind the machine shed and found these

One big group of SWARMING bees. Look at them ! Big and little had come from who knows where and were settling into an empty bee hive we had been meaning to fill with new bees to be purchased. Now most folks would not like this particular site but we were pretty happy. Happy from a distance I might add.

After a few minutes the traveling bees settled into their new home. It wasn't long before there was virtually very little evidence of their Swarm Dance 2011.  They are good tenants who will pay us soon in golden honey you will find in bottles in our farm store. Once again traveling a very short distance before it is purchased, it will go from hive to our machine shed for cleaning and bottling and back to our little farm store which sits approximately 30 feet from this hive. Now that's  LOCAL honey.


  1. Donna, I love the look of your blog and I'm really looking forward to reading through your posts. Those bees are fantastic. My dad had bees as a child and always comments that he would love some again. I must show him yours. That honey will be delicious!

  2. Isn't that just great? You need bees, they come to work. Efficient solution.

  3. Oooooh that's amazing. I want bees someday. And chickens, but you know that. I'm pretty sure you have my dream life.

    Use that honey in some soap.

  4. Swarming bees are a treat to see! (at a distance, I might add)

    Lucky you unless it's one of your neighbors hives :-)

  5. Bwahaha! Well, you KNOW I love this post! Dang, if that isn't right on the money! Those bees got it right the first time around. I wish most of my day went that smoothly!

  6. You mean you had a volunteer swarm take up residence in an empty hive?!?!? How cool is that! And hurray for local too.

  7. Nessa, hope your dad likes the pics of the bees. Maybe you can post some honey laden recipes soon ? Thanks for peeking at my blog. Of course I can't read yur too often as it makes me miss Ireland so only once or twice a day.Mis, MBJ, Toni, Zan and Leigh, so great to have fellow bee lovers out there ! We too believe it was a real stroke of luck to get a whole nother hive FREE, until we find out they are from some other country where the bees don't produce honey...only vinegar.
    And Briny, I am DYING to make soap with the honey but not sure how. Do I just count it as part of my liquids and add lye to it or is it more of an additive to add after trace ? wOULD LOVE ANY SUGGESTIONS

  8. Love both bee pictures, the first being very brave. I don't know if your comments section allows links, but here's one for honey soap


  9. Oh Rare, thnak you thank you ! And I have not forgotten my promise to show you a walk through my "garden" Soon very soon.