Monday, July 25, 2011

Angry Soap

I know all of you out there in blog land think only the best of me and that sharing something about myself which is not so flattering could be detrimental to your delicate constitutions but the fact is...

I sometimes get angry.

Last night was one of those times. Wish I could tell you my anger was related to unfair treatment of a minority or abuse of a child but no. Its much more selfish than that. I was just angry because I felt mistreated. You know, wronged. There you have it.

I was in fact soooo angry I felt I didn't.
Instead I made soap. Now, I have made emotional happy soap before and sad boo hoo snot all over my face soap before but this is my first you-have-really-ticked-me-off-soap. I was up until 0200 with this angry and unattractive side of meself.

I started with my new supply of Maddar Root Powder from Botanie Soap. Even alone in the bag the stuff smelled very yummy and sensual. You know how you do after having one of those mud fights with Aidan Quinn ? Yeah, like that. I added a little of my oil mix to make it more blendable, then got to work. I've been playing with Rice Bran Oil in place of Olive Oil lately and diggin' the results. Also enjoying the addition of Mango Butter as well.

After lye was calibrated and mixed with water, oils were melted and blended, I did a little Top Note, Middle Note, Base Note Internet research. I came up with a Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Cassia mix. Oh my oh my. Smelled like heaven was located in a huge Grapefruit-Cinnamon-Orange plantation. Then I started playing with the Maddar Root oil. No, I have no idea what Maddar root powder is. Maybe YOU could look something up for once.

Sorry, angry soap making farmwife talking.

After a very light trace I poured a cups worth into a bowl adding just a splash of the EO's and a smidgen of the Maddar Root Oil. Mixed, set aside. Poured some more. Added MORE color and MORE of the EO's and set aside. And so on and so on then I started the layering.

I'm not good at layering. I always get too hot.

In between a couple of the layers I sprinkled a little cinnamon sugar. It was closer to me than the cocoa.
When all was said and done I wrapped it in a towel and set it aside to gel. 60 seconds later I unwrapped it. What if it heats too much and cracks ? What if it only partially gels ? What if I forget I put it on the floor, see the towel in the am, yank it off the floor grumbling at the thoughtless yahoo who left another towel on the floor and fling my new soap violently through the air causing it to splatter all over the walls leaving huge oil stains and causing the first person we show the house to NOT to buy it ?!?!

Yeah. What if THAT happens ?

I rewrapped it. It came out fine. The finest soap I have ever made.

I may need to change my soap label to Angry Midlife Farmwife if this keeps up. Speaking of new label, here it is.
She doesn't look one bit angry does she ? How does she do it ?


  1. Now don't get mad at me Mrs. Farmwife.... but, I thought it looked a little bit like slabs of bacon:)) You will be happy to know, tho, that all of your soap posts have finally inspired me to make some soap again. Not just 1 batch, I made 4. Can't wait to unwrap them tomorrow!

  2. Oh Donna it looks like strips of your luscious bacon!!!

    Deb Robbins

  3. How can I get some of that angry soap of yours?

  4. I've never made soap, but I have made bacon.

  5. Why does this soap give me cravings for bacon and eggs? Because I can't smell the grapefruit-orange-cassia-cinnamon mix, I think. Sounds great.

  6. Love the layers... the soap is gorgeous! And the labels? Wow! Original. Peeeerrrrfect! xo jen

  7. Maddar...a tree native to Indonesia grows to approx 40 feet and is an evergreen. The tree has a strong aroma and bears yellow flowers. Does not bear viable fruit until it is 10 years old. Picked when ripe the fruit is then separated into nutmeg seeds and mace. Maddar root, powdered, is often used as a dye for textiles (red) and as a medicinal for urinary tract infections and bladder and kidney stones.

    You ased for it.

    Now don't get mad.

    Your soap does look a little "meaty" lol.

  8. get too hot...I'm crying tears of laughter, again. Oh how I miss you! Anger is apparently a very productive for're good at everything, why should anger be any different.

    Big J

  9. Oh you people. First off, I am no longer mad or angry but I am hungry. BACON ? Here I thought it looked like Dessert sands or Arizona sunsets and you tell me bacon. Bunch of farmers...

    Crazy, be sure and post some pics of your soap.

    Deb, Oh how I miss thee.

    Karen, my soap is $4 a bar plus S&H. If you want to email me at with your address I would be very happy to send you some. THANKS !

    Cro. Suddenly this whole new soap world has opened for you hasn't it ? How cleansing is that?!

    MISC. I have also recently made egg yolk soap. No kidding. It is creamy beige and lathers very nicely. Perhaps I should market them together :)

    Jen. Thank you. The label came from an old cookbook my mother in law gave me. I did a copyright search to make sure I could indeed copy it. Then took it to a local printer who did a great job with imprinting my info. Best thing is, they have held up to my soaps night sweats as we have gone thru this recent heat wave in Illinois.

    P.S.Your soaps always inspire me do you know that ?

    MBJ You are the best personal researcher I have ever had (and the first). Truly this Maddar root powder stuff is amazing. I'm thinking of coloring my hair with it.

  10. Big J, you might be surprised...I sucked at everything I did today. Get ready, I'm calling an super secret emergency mtg very very soon

  11. Donna --- I first thought it was bacon as well, but then as the pictures showed a close-up, you could see that the first photo was an illusion. You are GOOOODDD!

    As for the ticked off moments in least you are productive during those blood-churning times. You might be angry, but everyone you know and beyond will be extra clean and smelling D-E-L-I-G-H-T-F-U-L!

    Out of emotions comes inspiration or was that perspiration? haha.

    Hope that whomever ticked you off was lying low today so the flying soap would not smack them instead, which technically would save the walls.

    Anyway, I hope today is a relaxing day.

  12. I would love to buy some of this sopa ANGRY OR NOT

  13. For those lovely flks who would like to buy this now jsut midly irritated no longer really angry soap the cost is $4 per bar plus S&H. If you drop me an email with your address and number of bars you'd like I'll send you total cost


  14. Just occasionally Donna, you are entitled to be angry.

  15. LOL

    I can't imagine being sensual with Aidan Quinn, but then again, I'm not John Gray!

    Ever been sooo00 angry you EAT soap. Now that's angry. Literally foaming at the mouth!