Friday, July 1, 2011

I hear its your Birthday. Happy Birthday to Ya !

On this day 49 years ago my best fellow was born. He really is the best fellow. 18 years together and still he talks to me each day and, AND he even pretends to listen. I don't just love him. I really really like him. Even if he is only 3 years younger than me and people still mistake him for my son at least twice a year. Its enough to make me stop curling my hair with bobby pins and covering my head with a plastic rain bonnet I tell ya !

We had planned to take the day off but hay had been cut and was on its way or so we thought we best stay home to welcome it into the barn. Instead this am we got lots of HAIL. This actually cheered us a bit as we thought there was no way the hay that was cut would be suitable for baling. We could maybe leave Dodge for a short time after all.

Wrong again Robin. Seems the hail was isolated. Pretty much just over our farm. So hay is still coming, sooner or later, one of these days. In the meantime we both were home all day. Sister Mary (No not SISTER Mary like in those goofy Bing Crosby movies, but MY sister Mary even took our GK's for the night so we had a child care break as well.

Which is grand but not so much 'cause we really have gotten used to having those future farmers with us on the weekends. Its our routine man. We consoled each other with...wait for I baked my hubbie a birthday cake and then made a great supper out of ground boar meat. A personal favorite around here. Added some mashed potatoes with freshly made butter and wowla' we got supper.

And now I'll finish the day by preparing for the Farmers Market tomorrow. I have soap to wrap and a wagon to load and seller sheets to print and an invoice form to complete and chairs to wash. What am I talking about ? I never wash those chairs.


  1. happy birthday to the hubby....sorry about the hail....

  2. A happy birthday for Your husband and my best wishes for both of You for the things to come.

  3. A happy birthday and I hope the market goes well

  4. Awww, sweet! Say Happy Birthday to your best fellow and hopefully there is no crazy hail in your future?

  5. You crack me up! And, yes, food is definitely a wonderful way to bring ourselves matter what all the commercials say about losing weight, I'll also eat my mashed potatoes with butter and be happily comforted! Have great success at the Farmer's Market!!!!

  6. Wow I didn't know Keith and I share our birth year... I knew I liked that guy!!

    Happy birthday to Keith!!

  7. Happy belated birthday to your hubsters! He and my son share the same day. Just goes to show that great men are born on that day!