Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A bubbly sort of evening

I dream of soap. Its easier than dreaming about selling our farm, moving all our stuff, selling all our stuff, finding new places for stuff, finding new land, building a new house and on and on.

Tonight I not only dreamed but I created. Tried my first egg yolk soap being careful to temper the yolks with oil first to avoid curdles or cooking. Made my lye solution with a half frozen light  raw cream. Scented with Lime EO. It was so pretty pouring into my now famous diaper wipe mold

This is not it. This is my berrycream soap made 6 days ago pictured outside on our porch supports.I mixed 1/4 cup of pureed strawberries and  1/4 cup pureed raspberries in the soap just before molding and scented with orange EO. It smells fabulous and has a rosier color than this photo. I'm still playing around with soap photography. Plan to make one of those white boxes soon but in the meantime I like playing outside with farmy backgrounds.

While blogging, I am waiting for my lye water to cool enough to make a batch of pure lavender soap. Friend (and chef) Mustard and his friend Val were just here (hey !) and he admitted to buying some of my lavender soap.(Thank you)  He's not the first guy to do so so I thought I better stock up. I ordered some alkanet from Organic Creations but it is on back order. Could all your PROFESSIONAL soapers slow down on your alkanet use a little so we newbies can get a little.? Much appreciated. What other natural products can I use for blue and purple soap coloring. Anyone ?

I also perfected my wave last week

Very funny. I'm talking soap wave. See below your goof.

This was my coffee soap and the pink in the topping came from just a touch of paprika. The white Vinca's are some of the only annuals I planted this year and because I planted so few they are actually getting watered this year. Less really is more...except when it comes to soap

A new trick of mine is to take all my soap shavings, leftovers etc... and fill my office windowsills with them. Of course I put some paper towels under the soap, I'm not completely whacked. I'm just half whacked. When the cool breeze comes in at night my office smells heavenly.

And here we have my first attempt at coloring with red clay. I only used a 1/2 Tbs but I like the muted color. I scented it with patchouli EO , I think. All I know is when I sniff it It brings out the Jane in me. I want to swing upside down from our apple tree and yell Cow-A-Bungee !

Wouldn't Keith like that ?


  1. Cow-A-Bungee? Lovely looking soap, Jane :)

  2. I was going to comment on soap but now I can't get the image of you swinging through the trees with Tarzan out of my mind.

  3. This soap looks fabulous! If I lived nearby I would barter soap for cookies.

  4. You've made me realize just how boring I am. My soap is well.... just plain white soap, made to clean us. It has never made me feel like Jane and want to yell Cow- a bungee. Oh how I've missed out all these years.

  5. Soap can make you feel like that?? I must find some of this
    It really looks wonderful and makes me want to try my hand at making soap...
    Hope you get things sold and figured out soon so the stress doesn't do you in!
    Have a fun filled week

  6. One day, I'll attempt to make soap, seems to be therapeutic. And it does look PRETTY!

  7. Your soap looks marvellous, Jane. Nice idea to colour with paprika.

  8. Wow..this post is so interesting!!