Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lovin' that Junk Man

Hmmm. What is that farmer up to now ? That isn't hay at the end of that hay fork on his tractor.  What could it possibly be ?

I put the camera down and I look closer. My heart is racing, hopeful, anticipating the possibility that maybe...just perhaps...oh Mother of Abraham Lincoln it is ...JUNK. ! Glorious junk going baa bye.

For some time now we've had a beaten up dumpster on our property collecting...collectibles. The struggle to fill the beast is just that, a struggle. What the Midlife Farmwife sees as junk, the "Use-it-up-wear-it-out" Farmer sees as potential. It took several years for me to get him to agree to having a dumpster on our property. "Why ?" he pondered and then finally he caved.

He caved about the same time I threatened to let him sleep with his" potential" instead of with me. The sad part was he actually took a few days to weigh the pros and cons. When he gave in a dumpster was rented and delivered that over time became junk itself. The dumpsters owner brought us a new one a couple of mnths ago and somehow the two of them there junkmen decided the old dumpster could stay.

You can imagine my utter joy at that decision.

Husband promised the bad dumpster would be used to gather everything that could go to the steel recycling plant and over the summer he has kept his promise (and his softer bed partner) and now the crappy dumpster has gone the way of recycleville. Keith hoped to get $40-$50. Instead he got over $100

You watch, tomorrow I'll wake up and there will be five dumpsters in our farm yard. So much for natural consequences.


  1. I have to say Donna that I'm quite like your farmer!! I seem to stock pile so many bits and pieces that, like you, my husband considers junk! I just find it so hard to throw anything out!! Glad that you now have a clearer view in your yard. :)

  2. Where does all that useless stuff come from and why do men seem to think it's important to keep it? You might use it? Really???

  3. A dumpster and all that big metal stuff is the dreams of men! And the nightmares of women! :-)


  4. Most farms around me could use one, but they'd have to be ten times the size of yours!