Sunday, October 23, 2011

Raw Milk Advertising in Illinois Day 4

Michael Schmidt is on day 24 of his hunger strike and I am on Day 4 of my resolve to change the law in Illinois which prohibits the dairy farmer from advertising that he has raw milk for sale. Special thanks to The Bovine Blog for re posting my blog done yesterday. Communication regarding these issues is begging to snowball, hopefully it will be with enough force to cause Canada's Premier Dalton McGuinty to take notice.

Tomorrow I will begin making my phone calls to government officials in Illinois as I move towards my promise of changing the raw milk advertising law. Hopefully it will go better than Max Kane's recent attempts. You don't know Max ? Another raw milk warrior you need to meet. Watch him here as he tries to get the FDA to act in a logical manner.


  1. Call your district's state representative and federal congressman--neither of them want to have a farmer's death bursting upon them in the news before the election year.
    Crass as it sounds, politics come before freedom.
    FDA (and others) have gotten too big for their britches.

  2. The Land of the Free? But not free enough to sell a certain type of milk!

  3. Donna
    The soap arrived today,
    It was sooooooooo kind of you, I was absolutely thrilled!,,,
    It made my day, it really did.....
    You are a real sweetie!!!
    Thank you

  4. "If we don't have a worthy cause to fight for, we merely exist."

    By me, your blog buddy,

    Keep up the fight.