Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The hours of Midlife Farmwife under Strife

"Tiiiime is on my side. Yes it is"

And we all know Mick Jagger was smoking more than ham when he wrote that song don't we? 'Cause time sure isn't on my side that is for certain, at least today it wasn't. Of course it didn't help any that I didn't drag my sorry donkey out of bed until...get this..9 AM for the love of Mike, I mean Mick.

My excuse for that is a good one. I was up writing ( still with the novel) until 2, and before that I had very important research to do. I had to see if Aiden Quinn was as attractive in Songcatcher as he was in Legends of the Fall. So I watched Songcatcher one more time and yeah, the unkempt hillbilly look really was worth staying up for.

Getting up at the crack of mid morning set me behind all day. We didn't have our farm mtg until noon, which isn't so smart when you're trying to plan your day and the day is half gone. But the good news is lots of raw milk customers today. Lots as in many and several had mentioned following the tribulations of Michael Schmidt. Michael is now on day 27 of his hunger strike as he continues to fight for the right to drink raw milk. A modern day hero.

How far did I get today with the state of Illinois regarding raw milk advertising.? Not far. Caught in our day to day stuff (like taking an order for a half hog from a man named Dragon I kid you not)  We also had beef customers to notify about their future steaks going to the locker tomorrow, tax forms to fax to a prospective buyer, soap to make (two batches) animals chores to do, locker appointments to make, store receipts to enter in Slowen (thank you Rare in the UK) for that one, excetera, excetera, excetera.

So raw milk wise...I did not make a single phone call. Funny thing, no one from Illinois Dept of Agriculture called or emailed me either. You would have thought they might've checked in to make sure I was OK at least. Fickle. Those folks are just plain fickle.

But at least Keith had fun today. Our sow Leopard farrowed last night. 6 live piglets and one still born. When Keith went out to feed her she left the litter and came right out of her little house to eat  with some afterbirth trailing ever so attractively behind her like the old lady coming out of the loo with toilet paper tail stuck in the back of her polyester elastic waisted pants. He thought certainly she was done farrowing. But noooooooo, when he checked on her this am he noticed a small nest built outside of Leopards house at the far end of her pasture. The nest was empty. Fortunately he glanced in the right direction and about 10 feet away IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COW PATH were 2 babies huddled together.

Once again he distracted mommy with some feed so he could scoop up the traveling wilderpiggies and return them to Hotel Hog. Counting, he now came up with nine total piglets. Good job Leopard, now see if you can keep them all together for a couple days OK ?

And speaking of new arrivals check out This fine young blogger is my 110the follower and I was her first. Its nice to be first for a change. Even my 3 yr old GK beats me up the stairs now. Oh, heck what am I saying ? He beat me up the stairs when he was 18 mos old.


  1. Leopard sounds a wee bit scatterbrained... but do pass on my congratulations to her.

    Could you have a word with Michael S. I think his 27 day fast has been enough, it's not worth risking death over milk. Or is it?

  2. Good luck with the perspective buyer, but I'm afraid...will we lose your great posts?...Will we be OK without your doses of humor?

  3. Once again, you are hilarious!! I do believe the donkey comment got me first, then the leopard story and then your grandbaby outrunning you.

    Two bits of news to cheer you up even more, if that's possible: Your classified is up on TRF's classified section AND...

    Cross your fingers, I've TALKED to Michael Schmidt and we may be interviewing him THIS Sunday, he just has to confirm!!! ;)

  4. just seen Mr Quinn in the French film SARAH'S KEY
    he had short grey hair in the movie and looked wonderful

  5. While Michael is starving in Canada I have to say I admire him for his pluck..but..he can't do the raw milk movement much good if he dies or becomes permanently ill over this adventure..there has to be a better way. Congrats on all the customers and to Leopard for her unruly new brood.

  6. OMG! The description of Leopard cracked me up!!!!!

    You ... as always ... are funny, truthful and wonderful!

  7. Cro, I too wondered why ? just for milk? But really it is so much more. If we let then take one right after another, no matter how small, soon we have no rights, no freedoms. I admire Michael so much because he is doing what I am too lazy to do.

    Anon. Publicity hog that I am. I will always be posting somewhere about something. Thanks

    Zan, Thank you and thank you and HOW FANTASTIC that you might get to interview Michael and that you have already spoken to him.!Renegade Farmer is so fortunate to have you in a lead position. I can't wait until Sunday. Keep me updated so I can tell everyone on my blog.

    John, so cute how you call him "Mr Quinn" I remember in the early days how formal I was with him too but now over the years our relationship has involved. I call him "Aiddie" and he calls me "my little Irish dumpling with butter"

  8. MBJ, thoughts I have had as well. There was once a young man who went on a hunger strike as he protested Englands control over Ireland. It was just in the 1980's but I cannot remember his name.

    On the other hand they are hundreds of men and woman who sacrificed their lives for our freedom in various wars whose names I will never know yet I do not beleive they died in vain either.

    It is a very tough call to make regarding standing up for your rights. The fact that Michael is willing to lose his life so his children can have the right to drink what they want speaks volumes to me. My prayers are for Mr McGuinty to take a few minutes and just LISTEN

    MISS Effie. Many thanks. Leopard the sow is good at heart but a little brain scrambled I am afraid. I think 5-6 more litters will settle her down. It worked for me!

  9. So many freedoms we are willing to live, fight and die for...without freedom, the living part is as worth it, so we keep fighting and dying so we can better enjoy the living FREE! Can you believe we have so little rights over raw milk? It is shocking.

  10. The farrowing house and sows with piglets stir many memories for me. It was pretty common to see little piglets in a box wrapped in rags, in front of the oven when I was a child.

  11. It's ok. My puppy beats me up the stairs.

    Thanks for the shout out! Can't wait to try that kit-kat soap I picked up today!

  12. First of all, Aidan Quinn? Nothing could make that boy look bad.
    Second, our hearts and support are with Michael.
    Third, being female certainly doesn't guarantee a good mother, does it? I guess that's why they call it littering . . . :)