Saturday, October 22, 2011

Take a (Raw Milk) Stand

I've been thinking about Michael Schmidt's heart.

Nothing except water for the last 23 days is seriously dangerous. Our hearts are made of muscle which are stimulated with the most awesomely unique electrical system in the universe. This system depends on the correct balance of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and calcium. When the balance is out of whack...heart attacks can happen.

Now you know why I am worried about Michael's heart.

Its very easy for any of us to ask, "Is this really worth it?" referring to Michael's self imposed hunger strike in order to get an audience with Canadian Prime Minister Dalton McGuinty to discuss the  raw milk issues he is battling. "Why would anyone risk their life over raw milk?"  I have asked myself the same question, and discovered the battle is about so much more than a glass of white liquid that has never been pasteurized or homogenized.

The battle is about our freedoms and more frighteningly so, our willingness to allow these freedoms to be taken from us one by one without resistance. No wonder the Canadian government, OUR GOVERNMENT continues to remove freedoms, too many to mention in one tiny Midlife Farmwife blog, day after day after day...very few of us are brave enough, motivated enough to say anything, let alone take action.

Instead, we mumble "No big deal" or "It doesn't really affect me" and whoosh there it goes, another freedom, a right, a way of life, a liberty, is stolen right from under our Payless Lose More feet. Not only have we become inattentive we have become lazy, slovenly and lethargic.

Tomorrow is Monday and my phone calls to those in higher offices will begin regarding the Illinois law that prohibits the advertising of our raw milk. While waiting for the offices of Higher-Ups to open , I focused my efforts today on Michael's plight involving myself even more  and I invite you to join me. You don't have to be a farmer, or a raw milk drinker but if are ready to take back the freedoms we were born with then do something. Join a local tea party, get acquainted with your representatives and if you want to specifically help Michael with his (OUR) raw milk issues please follow this link and take 10 actions RIGHT NOW.

Before Michael's heart gives out.

P.S. Our farm South Pork Ranch is offering FREE RAW MILK (up to one gallon per person) For any of you who wish to join me in the 24 hr raw milk fast scheduled to take place Tuesday Oct. 24 as a show of continued solidarity for Michael Schmidt. All you have to do is come to our farm that morning with your own container. CHEERS!


  1. Thank you for the continuation of your posts for this INSANE violation of HUMAN rights. I will be taking part of the 24 hour Raw Milk Fast and will also post it on my blog. Although the state of AR doesn't have laws AS bad as in Illinois, the fact is that everyone should have the basic human right to consume any food or plant they deem fitting.

  2. BTW, is the Raw Milk fast starting on TUESDAY or on Monday? The 24th is a Monday, not a Tuesday as in your post.

  3. Linked you on my blog.....

  4. I can't understand why the Prime Minisiter won't meet with him.Is it just a lack of cajones or what?

    Hmmmm,it's funny to me you can buy bagged salad greens with salmonilla,green onions with e-coli but you can't buy raw milk cause you might be exposed to some type of bacterium.I would much rather take my chances on your lovely raw milk from cattle that are very happily munching on organic grasses and that are well taken care of.

  5. Carolynn, thanks for your kind words and yes the fast is TUESDAY. I have date dyslexia for sure. And double thanks for linking my blog on yours. The more we tell, the less the government can pretend this issue is not important to the general public. Its crucial in fact

    Tierra, I have no idea why he won't meet with Michael but I have my guesses. Lack of cajones ranks right up there

  6. Meeting with Michael would acknowledge that there is a bigger issue than just raw milk. It is all about the freedom of enterprise, production, and farming.
    I hope Michael's health holds up.

  7. The battle is absolutely about our freedoms, and it's horrendous the way they are focusing on food. Well written post Donna.

  8. Beautifully said. We must all preserve our food freedoms.