Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Burren Blues

                   A year ago, at this time, I was here

An area of Ireland known as the Burren. Most folks there pronounce it as one syllable "Burn", It is in the West, the best part of Ireland as far as I am concerned. The least populated, I find its beauty awesomely breathtaking and you should know, I do not use that word "awesome" carelessly or frequently.  Driving through it is a waste of time, you must walk it. Or even better, ride through it on a sure footed Connemara pony and you'll see and smell its true essence.

Kilmacduogh Castle with the O'Shaughnessy Chapel on the left
No, I will inherit none of it but I love to hang out here
Did that riding thing with several of my good buddies last year. The view cannot really be described and because I forgot my camera that day, the view is buried deep in my foggy grey matter to come spilling out in my end stage death bed rambling I'm sure. Well...what are death beds for ?

It the Burren's midst is a tiny establishment, The Burren Perfumery. A one lane gravel road leads to it and just when you think the small signage was wrong several stone buildings appear. Walking in you are flooded with the smells of the all wonderful creations made from the flowers and fauna of the Burren wrapped up neatly in soaps, creams and of course perfumes.

So these memories make me sad as I am not there but look ! I am here. And here right now in Central Illinois it is sunny and warm and the animals are enjoying the pastures. Best of all, I have the house to myself (utter joy) so I will look forward to visiting the Burren again and be thankful for what I have now...just enough 12 year Jamison in the bottle to make one more hot toddy this eve. after all my work is done.

There is more than one way to honor the Burren you know.


  1. You picked a good day to reminisce about a favorite vacation-- empty houses are best for daydreaming like that.

  2. I spent some time, ten years ago, next week, in the Dingle Peninsula. I still want to be there! Walking in the hills, seeing the curtain of rain approaching, the fog bows, the cairns and ancient stones. yep. I understand you.

  3. Thanks for the memories! We have good friends that have a holiday home near Liscannor and we've done a walking & pony trekking through the Burren & it was breathtaking! Got to visit the perfumery also. I'm still trying to finish my tea set from the Doolin Pottery gal, do you know if she's still there?

  4. dont be sad....

    you experienced something different...
    so many people dont do that or dont allow themselves to do that

  5. Irish writer Cora Harrison writes a mystery series set in the Burren of the 16th Century. They are really good, very evocative of time and place. Her love of the place and the period shines through on every page.

  6. Karen, how you find the time to comment on my blog is beyond me. Your site keeps me writing. This is not to imply that the rest of you are sloths with lots of spare time. I would never even think such a thing.

    Jan, I too enjoyed Dingle and go there for one reason specifically...to buy crystal from Sean Daley. Do you know him ? He makes Waterford look like tupperware

    Carolyn, I do not know of the Doolin Pottery Gal but I love buying pottery from folks selling out there homes there. The quality is the best

    John, I can sad if I want to ! (stomping feet) Have I ever told you not to be sad ? Well maybe once. Still can't get a comment to go thru on your blog. I believe I have a cookie problem. But I read you every day. I swear I do. Really. Well at least every other day

    Judith. Thanks for the tip. I do not know Cora Harrison but I am going to Google her right now. I don't even care about the time difference in the Burren

  7. I've not been to Ireland, and somehow I don't expect I ever will. It was that part I'd always wanted to visit. I think I've missed out on something very special.

  8. Great post! I was cleaning out my night stand last week and came across a few pictures from our first trip to Ireland...you know the ones, those too incriminating to add to the actual Ireland photo album. I laughed to myself and allowed myself to be carried right back to that time and then laughed some more. And now this...I want to go back NOW!!!

    Big J

  9. Cro, what are you , dead ? You can still go to Ireland. I called and they will let you in as long as you mention this blog. Apparently it carries a huge amount of power over there

    Big J What pictures ?!?! You took pictures ? You know we promised each other that night we went hunting for donor meat there would be no pictures. You are in big trouble

  10. Ireland on horseback, a great experience. Did You see the family ghost in the O'Shaughnessy Chapel?