Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gladiator !!

Yup, that's how I feel right now. As happy as Liz Taylor the night she announced the Golden Globe Awards for Gladiator. Lately my posts have been laden with despondency. melancholia, dolefulness (yes, I had to look those up) so it is high time I shared some good news.

Met with our realtor yesterday regarding our farm listing. No, it has not yet been sold. Yes it is still for sale. There is no real good (or bad) news with that announcement I just thought I'd throw it in there. I am going to take things into my own hands though and strap one of those big sandwich signs on my torso and strut around the county.

I will be naked underneath

I expect it will be no time at all before someone will make a decent offer on the farm just to ensure our very quick departure. In other news, I am now the proud owner of my 100th follower ! I'll keep her name private since she did not know I was running a contest (in my head, where most of my contests are run) nor did she know she would win a prize. As soon as I can convince her I am not just an ordinary blog stalker, I am an extreme blog stalker, I'll gain her trust, obtain her address and send her a modest prize.

Speaking of The Post, I finished wrapping up a little item going to place called Trelawnyd. Don't you love a mystery ?  Actually I do not. I prefer chic lit that is on the edgy side, that's if I had to pick a genre but who wants to be pigeonholed ? The GK's had a good time looking up this far away place. It was nice to spend the day doing pleasant things rather than the usual piglet evisceration activities.

What's that ? How is the writing going ? Well, thank you for asking. Every night this week while Keith did the outside chores I hid away in my library-slash-kids room-writing-studio. It was his idea, due in fact to fatigue on his part from hearing me whine about not having time to write. I am happy to announce much was accomplished in way of the rewrite of my first novel and much still needs to be done. But I am on a roll and determined to have ready for an agent by Christmas. If you are keeping track (really WHY would you?) this is my 5th goal regarding the completion of this novel.

Blog news. I did decide to venture forth with the syndication of my blog on  They will  automatically pick up each post from this blog and broadcast who knows where. My posts will be in their self sufficiency section which not coincidentally is the topic of my article for today's Renegade Farmer Issue. (Two paragraphs down please) You might think I am doing this just for attention and recognition. Well comrade, you are correct. Seriously, to write well I must keep writing. Paid, unpaid, right now I am open to all experiences that will help me craft my hone.

More blog news. I voluntarily committed myself to  The task at hand is to post on your blog every single day for the month of October. (light goes on huh ?) This will be my 8th post in 8 days. Criteria met, so far. Just another way to keep writing while at the same time meeting a deadline.

Finally, The Renegade Farmer is up and running again. A fantastic farm oriented e-zine the editor Zan Asha has done a fabulous job of shifting it all over to Blogger. I will be posting articles on Saturdays and am determined NOT to repeat what I have written here. So far I am 1/1. My article about self-sufficiency is here  If you get a moment to pop over there and make a comment I know Zan would appreciate it. Be sure to read up on all the other fine writers/farmers as well.

                               Say goodnight Gracie.


  1. Hopefully we don't lose your soap to writing...They are both very good!

  2. Holy heck...when are you going to find time to eat and breathe?

  3. I think you should double your price and walk up and down Wall St with your 'sandwich board'. I predict a sudden rush for the quiet of the countryside (they'd sell all the troublesome nasty animals).

  4. That's impressively busy. And trust me when I say I have high standards of busy.

  5. Anon, worry not. My new soap hobby provides me much pleasure too. But I did decide not to go ETSY or open any other online soap store. For now I am only selling them in our farm store and two local shops as well as to individuals who send me email requests. Keeping it simple for now and LOVING IT.

    MBJ I am a full sized woman so even if I stopped eating alltogether I could get by for another year on my reserves. As long as I had coffee and Diet Coke

    Oh Cro, you are brilliant. Want to work for us? For free? With no benefits ? except free hot dogs and the occasional Porterhouse Steak.

    Rev. Its a fine line between busy and psychotic. One day I'll cross it

  6. I have a nasty little secret I'll share. A secret I've not blogged about just yet on my site.

    Years ago, I decided to write on a more professional level. I'd had some articles published here and there and did some writing for a company's advertising department, but I wanted to write a book.

    So, I took courses by several published authors, took Advanced Writing at the University of Houston and on and on...all geared for the genre of romance.

    Finally, one day, I decided to write a story for Harlequin...the line was "Intrigue" which combines romance with a bit of suspense/mystery. I sent my synopsis, etc. out and waited it out with my writing group. I'd been told over and over and over that it would take about five years of submitting before they would even show interest in your manuscript...maybe even a half-hearted request of a small portion of your manuscript. Lo and behold, I got a letter back from Harlequin, from the head editor that they wanted to see my ENTIRE manuscript, pronto. Talk about NERVE-WRACKING!!!!!

    I sent it and they didn't purchase it, but I was supposed to rewrite a few things and resubmit the entire rewrite. However, my mother was in the middle of dying from breast cancer. Bad, bad timing. I kind of lost my dream. But, I did speak with the editor who is based in New York and she was incredibly encouraging. And, you NEVER get to actually SPEAK with the editor. I remember her telling me that she loved my Southern accent, then she gave me pointers concerning my manuscript re-submission.

    Anyway, just thought I'd pass this along. I hope it inspires you. If I would've stayed focused, there's no telling what I could've done by now with my writing.

    Lately, I've been considering writing more romance stories for submitting since I have more time on my hands and because I love writing with intense passion. Most of all, I've developed more discipline with my writing. Every day I write.

    And...just so you know...some of the most successful writers in the group, who eventually left the group because they were "big-timers" had been in their 60's!!! I always found this to be hysterical because their WAHOO scenes were so descriptive...lots of experience in those words I tell you! So, I figure there's hope for me yet!!!!!

    And one fellow writer was forced to quit her teaching job because of the "moral clause" in her teaching contract. Writing a mildly descriptive romance put her on their blacklist and forced her into early retirement. Since then, she's become a prolific writer and very successful.

    I'm excited for you!


  7. Oh, my; onlya child with a supple spine could do that and not wake up with pretzle back!!!! Lovely foto