Thursday, October 13, 2011

When Harry met Sally...the farm adaptation.

Several weeks ago we arranged for a trade. "You give me a fine looking virile young man and I will give you the same" we said to the other party. Dates and places were agreed upon. Soon one of our Red Wattle boars, whose blood line was just fine, thank you very much, but too well known among the female RW's at South Pork Ranch, was traded to another team.
His replacement was named Wally and we liked him immediately. Heralding from Wickham Farms in Iowa He was not quite a year old but  shaping up nicely. I especially loved the fiery gold strands in his body hair. What red blooded female wouldn't?  After allowing him some time to adapt to us and his new digs we sweetened his life even more by introducing him to a young RW girl named Sophie. Sophie is of the Kiss My Grass Farm fame (now on hiatus, the farm not Sophie)

At first they were not impressed with each other. He said she had a picky way of ordering her food in a restaurant. She said he ate like a slobbering, drooling, grain mashing, flatulating, grunting pig.

Wally left, Sophie right.
Over time, and realizing that there were not that many other RW's in the farm yard to select genetic material from, they agreed to a casual friendship, a date now and then, the occasional shared trough of soured milk.  It was not immediate but after a few more weeks, they began to look to the future.

With the camera woman holding a bucket of raw milk, "looking to the future"
 became piglets play.
     Personal displays of affection were witnessed and the clock was set ahead to three months, three weeks, three days, three hours and three minutes.

Sophie began taking long extended naps, even in the middle of the day.

Protective Wally left,  Gestating Sophie right.

You'd nap often too if you had 8-12 infants on the way.


  1. Perish the thought.

  2. hurray! more red waddle soap!

  3. Glad to hear that Sophie was able to see past Wally's poor manors. I thought we had taught him better! You raise a pig up and try to teach him right from wrong, proper porker etiquette and how to act around a lady, but what he does when he's out on his own is anybody's guess. ;-)

  4. Ok, so would you think there was something wrong with me for laughing out loud at "Kiss My Grass Farm?" Brilliant name! :)

  5. I cannot describe how much I'm enjoying your blog. It makes my morning.

  6. Zan ... I was right with you on that one! What a great name!

    Of course, I was rolling on the floor. The dating life of future pork chops ... it was hysterical! And fabulous photos.

  7. MBJ. I myself once gave birth to a 10 pound 1 oz boy so I guess if you add up the weight of all a sows babies...

    Anon. Yes I too love the soap made with RW lard. A great way to honor the WHOLE animal given us.

    Walt. I know you want to blame go right ahead :)
    Seriously, Wally is becoming a favorite around here

    Zan and Miss Effie. Yes Kiss my Grass Farms was one of the best names for a farm EVER. Its owners Dot and Brian Jordan have left farming for ashort time while Brian returns to school but they'll be back. They are farmers thru and thru

    Rev, so glad you like. Did I ever tell you that YOU were my 100th follower ? If you'd like to send me your mailing address I'll send you a special prize. My email is

    Petra. Thank you. Of course I had to take 210 pictures to finally get the sequence I wanted but that's strife!

  8. Aww! A handsome pair. And wally may slobber now and then (who doesn't?) but he's a gentleman at heart.

  9. I knew there was chemistry between them! We had china whites, and hampshires (?). The whites were mean.