Friday, October 14, 2011

Status Report

Way way too tired to blog tonight so instead I am going to cheat and refer you to the farm blog I started when we put the farm up for sale a couple of months ago. I've done more work on it, then asked my Facebook friends to share with their contacts. (And they told two friends and they told two friends)
By the end of the day yesterday I had over 500 page views, even though it still needs work. Thank you everyone ! Of those 500 there must be someone who really wants to own and run an organic farm. I just know there is.

In the meantime, if you did not do this already as my FB friend would you consider sharing this link on your own blog?  I promise if you ever need me to promote another blog of yours I will do the very same thing for you.

YOU are the best.  No, YOU are..NO, YOUUU are .


  1. Farmer Cro's recommendation of the day; advertise in Holland! The Dutch are very Organic aware, they all speak perfect English, and they are desperate for LAND.

  2. Hopefully you had a good rest!