Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Hawks Eye View

In 2007 an aerial view was taken of our farm and in a weak moment when the company responsible came knocking on the door, I bought the photo. Dang things are not cheap ! My husbands birthday was coming up so out came the checkbook. Fortunately he was worth it. Looking at it now, I am disturbed ( we could just leave it at that but I won't) by the debris in the farm yard. Seems pilots take photos, just like company seem to drop by...whenever the dishes or in this case...the silage tunnels, have not been put away.
Main livestock barn upper left. Machine shed and shop in the middle.
 Little white blob in the garden, right side 2/3 of the way napping

Since the photo was taken 5 years ago, many of the junk piles are gone, a few new piles have taken their place, but overall the farm is much tidier. Now that our farm has been listed for sale for 3 months with no lookers I thought I needed to get busy with promoting its sale so I started with this pic. After all it was just hanging on the wall gathering another web I might as well make it earn its keep.

I pulled up the web site I started 3 months ago and went to work. Still several hours of work to go but it looks and reads much better. Do me a favor and check it out will you ? Leave some comments on those pages directly or on this post if you prefer.

Then if each of you could forward the site to just 1000 of your closest friends I am sure we will be able to connect with that one person, that one family, that one small company or town that is dying to invest in a small organic farm. I knew I could count on your guys. You're the best.

Tomorrow I make soap. This work work work stuff is ridiculous.


  1. I don't have "that" many Facebook friends, but I did post a link to your For Sale blogspot page for ya!

  2. I think your site looks awesome. We are looking for a farm in VA but would otherwise be very interested. Will try to spread the news for you.

  3. I forwarded your farm link to Northern Illinois CRAFT. We'll see what happens?

  4. Great photo. I can just see you on your front porch ringing your bell!

  5. I dont see any junk piles. I think it looks very tidy. Of course that may be because I have so many piles, that my piles have piles. So I learn to block them out of my view. I am immune to piles. It is just easier than the constant nagging to the men folk to clean them up. Good luck in your sale.

  6. Love the aerial. I am preparing a post of the farm as it was when I was a teenager. Now? Everything is gone, and a brand-new house is perched where our garden once stood. Time moves on, even if things remain static in my mind. Susan Kane