Saturday, October 1, 2011

Frustrated Scupltor

The problem with a public blog is that the public feel they can just make any kind of comment they want. Take for example Mr Cro , as I call him. After my last post

he had the unmitigated gall to say this about my recent soap creations, "You're really a frustrated sculptor, aren't you!" Now why would an individual who has never even met me, say something so personal ?!?

What evidence does he have that I ever wanted to be a sculptor at all ? Did we ever sit together (with spouses of course) in a wee cafe sipping Jamison or Guinness or heaven forbid some cheap red wine and discuss my dreams of artistry ?

Has Mr Magnon, AKA Cro, ever even read that test they give you in HS where they measure your aptitude for future life success based on your favorite colors and foods and desire to organize all your desk pencils by order of eraser size.? I think not

So, where he gets this bare-brained idea that I am a frustrated sculptor want-to-be whose life is empty and unfulfilled since all she does all day is scratch pig ears, boil a little pig lard and call it soap and write a few pages in her soon to be released novel (if you call "soon" about 3 years away)...I just don't know.
Made over one week, pouring several different batters over several
different pieces of old soap or "imbeds" scented with cassia, clove
and orange EO's All colors made with natural plant materils or clays.
I imagine that if Picasso had made soap...
it wouldn't look like this at all.
Meanwhile back at the farm, our MOSA inspection (Midwest Organic Sevices Association) went very well. I can say that now but 24 hrs ago I was a pit of frustration because I could not find two organic certificates needed , one for the straw we bought and one for calves we bought 9 months ago, AND I forgot to write the cow ID number on one of our locker slips.

That means of the over 200 organic standards we must meet, our inspector was writing recommendations for improvement on just 3 of those standards. I should have been giddy with relief over how well we did, No, I was upset with the lack of perfection. Will I ever learn to be satisfied ?!?!?

Today, I feel much better. Might have something to do with the beautiful weather, the family who toured with their 2 year old son who was more delighted with a single peacock feather than I have been all year with all good things that have come my way, and the GK's who are at this moment giggling hysterically over the antic of Mike Myers as Cat in The Hat.

Mike Myers always makes me smile too. I should've asked HIM to be at our inspection yesterday. Might have spared my husband from that grumpy wife he so often deals with. Or at least given him a cat mobile driven by a mouthy fish to escape in.


  1. Glad to hear MOSA inspection went well.

  2. Looks more like a frustrated Any Warhol to me.... which is cool.

  3. I have an award/challenge for you on "youngish" (you can access it it through the button on my sidebar on thefeatherednest) if you are up to it.

  4. Instead of Soap-on-a-rope we see Soap-on-a-pedastal... or something like that. Glad your doing NaWriBloMo! Cheers!

  5. My major at university was art. And just from reading your blog and hearing about your activities and are definitely a bonafide artist, no way around it. Embrace it. Be tortured. Then, your art will be even more expressive.

    Glad the inspections went well. I won't be looking forward to having those. We held off on applying because of the terrible drought here in Texas and because of the forest fires that were in the area of our acreage. Once things slow down in the Fall, I'll probably get the paperwork started. I have it all printed out, in a binder and am READY TO GO!

  6. Ancient gateway to a medieval town. It's early morning, and the ground is parched from a long dry summer. Inside the fortifications the people wait; they are frightened and preparing their defenses. Beyond the walls an army is gathering, ready for the word.

    Then along comes Donna and makes a soap out of it all. Whatever next!

  7. Great pictures - lovely shapes and pastel colours

  8. Well I think your soups are very beautiful Donna! Keep up the good work. :)

  9. Anon, it did go well. MOSA really is the best organic certifying agency to work with .

    MBJ..Andy Warhol ? Really ? You are the best

    Danette, yes I am glad about NaBloWriMo too. I need frequent kicks in the arse to get things done

    Lana "Be tortured" you wrote. Love it. Beside most Irish writers, artists, painters musicians are tortured at birth. Our loving mothers see to it in order to ensure success.

    Cro, are you suggesting that I have destroyed entire civilizations ?!?! Well you aren't the first to make that acusation

    Rare, I am having trouble commenting on you and Cro and John's blogs lately. Has the EU finally cut off the US for good ?

    Nessa...if only my creations tasted as good as yours !