Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buckwheat ? Dat You ?

Why yes it is, Buckwheat honey is spilling all over the place hear on South Pork Ranch. I wasn't home while the Midlife Farm-man (see, it doesn't rhyme, that is why I won't use it again) and the GK's harvested some long awaited for Buckwheat honey, the tall darkly sweet stranger of the honey world.

I love this years crop, its all mysterious looking and because it is deemed "rare" I covet it all the more. Seems farmers don't plant buckwheat as a green cover crop like they used to so bees have no way to utilize the flower they love the most. But one of our hives is just 1/3 of a mile from our neighbors buckwheat field so strange dark stuff...WELCOME.

I was surprised at how much the Gk's liked it as it does have a distinct flavor. I do believe though when it comes to kids, anything they are involved in cooking, baking, milking, harvesting makes all the difference in what they will eat, or at least try.

Ignorant glut that I am,  I was unaware that buckwheat honey is full of fabulous things such as antioxidants, even more than oranges and strawberries. It has also been used recently in several controlled trials as a cough suppressant in children under the age of 6. Seems is soothes irritated bronchial tissue and its viscosity makes it last longer than over the counter syrups. With none of the side effects of dextramorphan. often prescribed for annoying coughs, physicians are now encouraging moms to keep RAW buckwheat honey in their cupboards. Always check with your MD before giving any honey to a child under the age of 1. Opinions vary

My very favorite Buckwheat
This purple- black queen bee is also full of vitamins and minerals which make it healthier to slather on your wee ones pancakes and french toast then the average corn syrup concoctions. It will last forever in your cabinets and if it gets cold and crystallizes just plop it in some hot water. Buckwheat honey can be hard to find and expensive but you'll be happy to know we have a limited supply here right now in our farm store. Same price as our regular honey cause the bees told us it was no extra trouble really. The supply is limited as the GK's consumed a fair amount while "assisting" with the bottling process.

Good help...hard to find.

P.S. Please do send me hate email about my choice of google pics. Some of my very best friends wore afros in the 70's , myself included.


  1. Never heard of this, but it sounds interesting. Here the Chestnut honey is dark and brooding, with a very distinct flavour; not to everyone's taste. We tend to stick with a more general mixed flower variety. Honey equals magic; nature's most welcome gift!

  2. You find a lot of buckwheat going on in Russia and Hungary, my mama's homeland. But she's not a fan, and I have to say, I don't get quite the hankering for it that I would with the tree flower honeys(acacia!!)

    Rock on with the Afros. I'm partial to dreads, myself :D

  3. You're on the wrong side of the Atlantic, but I'd buy this. Can't get Buckwheat honey in the UK - or not that I know of. Honey is a great and wonderful substance - I've used it as an emergency antiseptic before now and darn good it was too.

  4. just catching up with your news....
    love the little cockerel in the previous post!!!

  5. Ohhhh ......... that would make my Honey very very happy. Dear Zan brought buckwheat honey last spring to a class and my Honey went crazy for it.

    That dark molasses, sorghum taste is mighty good on oatmeal on a cold winter's day!

  6. Ah yes, a bit of Buckwheat honey and some Maple Syrup and this dude is in sticky heaven.
    Suddenly, I'm thinking about the 'Mod Squad' :)