Sunday, June 19, 2011

Support your local farmer...BUY SOMETHING

This may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you (those who are reading this blog for the very first time) but you should know; I'm opinionated.

I take no responsibility for this personality flaw. My father was opinionated and my mother was opinionated. My fathers father was opinionated and my mothers father was a rotten guy who never valued his family or cared to provide for them. HIS opinion never mattered. But I regress.

You could say I was  blessed in the opinion department. You could but I wouldn't. A few weeks ago The Renegade Farmer agreed to print my opinion on a regular basis. But of course they don't really know me and they still have plenty of time to change their minds.

Don't bother clicking on the picture as I can't get the link
to work that way. Just one more personal impairment on my part.
I am adept at making soap out of pig fat though.

In the meantime, I am grateful for this writing opportunity. If interested in reading this weeks article just click here   There is a spot for comments at the end of my article if you feel so inclined.

Many thanks.


  1. Good Morning:
    I tried to leave a message on your article site but the @#^^^%%% told me I was "spam" and wouldn't accept it. is,
    Maybe have a smaller table set up with someone demonstrating proper storage techniques and explaining how the "good stuff" has more nutrients and will hold up better not to mention taste better. A recipe table and someone demonstrating a recipe might intrigue some to buy more. People are almost need to create an atmosphere of a mini country fair..especially with something to appeal to kids. If the kids are happy the parents will spend. The problem is, of course, that farmers don't have all that much spare time to devote to this sort of thing. Maybe you could conscript some of the grammies and grampies to help out.

  2. Great ideas MBJ ! Thansk so very much

  3. Donna, just dropping in to let you know I have two blog awards for you. Pop over and snag them.

  4. A very special package arrived in my mailbox yesterday~ thanks:)) I left a fitting tribute to you on my blog~ come check it out!

  5. Congratulations! With your sense of humor, even those who disagree will have to give you a nod. :)