Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Evil Twin

So there I was, mowing my own business this morning when I decided to go in for a drink, HEY ! Its was hot. I deserved it. Of course have to check the email obsessive eejit I am and there right in front of me is an email from...now get this...The Farmwife at Midlife. Now come on, is this a joke ? Nope, it was not. Seems some impostor named Catherine Pond in Kentucky found my website and wanted to acknowledge her plagiarism and beg forgiveness.

I jest. Catherine was kind enough to drop me an email to say hello and tell me she liked my blog. That's when I made the mistake, BIG mistake of checking out her blog. http://farmwifeatmidlife.blogspot.com/
Imagine my horror to find, its darn right wonderful, amazing, better organized than mine and to top it off she makes her kids swim in stock water tanks just like I have.

She even likes pantries. The one thing I do not have that I lust after. Not only does she have one she wrote a book about them. Did you get that ? She wrote a book. I am trying to write a book but life keeps interfering. Well, well ,well, seems like I have some catching up to do with Miss Farmwife at Midife. She just better watch her backside, I have a very competitive nature. What I do not have is a beautiful apron.

Do you people hear me ? No pantry, no special apron. I have no business calling myself The Midlife Farmwife. I need to turn in my iron skillets.

Seriously, check her out. She looks like loads of fun.


  1. No way can she be more fun than you! But since you say so I will check her out. Then I'll be back.

  2. Please come back Karen. I talk a big show but I am basically extremely needy.

  3. Donna, you are not only sweet but you are gracious, too. I will send you a copy of THE PANTRY *and* an apron! I'm now selling them from my website at www.CatherinePond.com -- that's the sad nature of publishing when you have to buy back your book from your publisher because they were going to "remainder" it after a few years on the shelves! However, I knew there were still pantry peeps out there. It was truly a labor of love.

    I will enjoy visiting your blog ~

    Happy farming (and hopefully no hot flashing!) ~


  4. WOW. I am so humbled and thankful. My husband though maybe not so much when he wakes up tomorrow morning to a mess in the kitchen when I've pulled everthing out of the cupboards in preparation for the new pantry he will be building me.!

  5. Wow! You must be fraternal twins~ she looks nothing like you in that dancing picture you posted a few weeks ago:)))

    It was a fun blog~ I headed over for a visit (after reading yours of course:)))))