Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Number Game

I love giveaways, especially those from bloggers because they often give away the coolest stuff like handmade soap and signs ! Take a moment and visit this lady's great blog.  If you have a country/writer/illustrator/gardener heart you will love her.(This reminds me, I have two bars of soap to send to   b   I better get crackin, I mean wrappin')

The sad thing is...I have never made a cake that looked as good
as this soap loaf.


  1. You should make a little sign for your soaps warning people not to eat them if they all look this good.

  2. Wow, that's some nice looking soap. Do you sell any?

  3. Yes Toni,I do ! I've been selling them in my little store for a while and then this summer at The Farmers Market we participate in. I also am taking internet orders. Are you interested ?

    They are $4 each and most weigh a hefty 6 oz. P&H ave about $3 for every two bars

  4. soap I thought it was cake!!!

  5. John, my husband wishes it were cake as well. Since I started soaping the kitchen is very CLEAN but less and less edible stuff is coming out of it. He even bought me a second crockpot hoping one might be used for soaps and one for stews. I'm using both of them for soaping.

  6. That's soap? I'm so disappointed. My mouth was watering until I read the photo caption, LOL. I've made soap before but it never looked that good!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, taking the time to leave a comment, and following. I think your blog is great! I love your sense of humor. I'm your newest follower.