Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Those with a hose

It caught us off guard. We thought she was still a toddler carrying around her Rocket toy but turns out she is actually seven. Seven ?!?! So amazing how this time thing just goes on whether you want it to or not.

So we celebrated. First her mommy Raven and I and Keith and her siblings all motored up to Chicago to go to the Shedd Aquarium. It was Free Day. They should have called it You're Crazy if You come on Free Day. The line went all the way down Rt 55 and into Joliet. But then Keith AKA Papa, remembered he had his membership card to Brookfield Zoo which meant everyone could get in FREE without it being FREE Day. !

And then to make things even better, it started to rain, really rain so by the time we got to the zoo, there was like hardly anyone there. How lucky were we ? Fortunately the big Carousel still has a roof over its animals and the GK's got to "spin dry" a little.

 My father used to take us to the zoo, then we took our kids
now we're taking our kids kids. Will we make it long enough to
take our kids kids kids kids ? We hope so

He wanted to get up on the big animals like his sisters but the Peacock
looked more secure. We ride them at home all the time.
That was Wednesday. On Sunday the actual day of the birth,  Well seven years ago it was the actual day. Sunday was just a celebration of the actual day. I gave the GK's a SURPRISE breakfast of cookies (made by their mommy) and bacon (made by our pigs). Yummmmm. Then we took off for a SURPRISE trip to Campaign for toy buying. One toy because they are really cool kids and understand what a budget means.
It means one toy.

That afternoon was muggy and hot and also Fathers Day so cake was shared and water fights occurred.
A good time was had by most.
Ever notice how some kids just gravitate towards the hose while others
naturally avoid it all together ?

Like Papa, like grandson. Wet from rain but still able to walk
with hands in pocket. An age old tradition

The cake was not organic but the milk was organic AND raw
so it cancelled out the cake.


  1. Aren't grandkids fun?! I like your thoughts on how raw organic milk will cancel out the cake. I must remember that one!

  2. What an amazing cake! I love the fact that the milk is healthy so the cake must be too :-)

  3. Actually if you break up the cake on your plate, all the calories and the bad stuff escape and all that is left is the taste.
    happy birthday to the birthday girl

  4. I love mybabyjohn's reasoning. LOL I'll have to remember that one. But what is a birthday without a cake? Okay, I prefer pie, pecan pie to be exact but the point is sweets are an intrical part of celebrating. My favorite part.

  5. Beautiful munchkin! Looks like she had a blast!