Monday, June 27, 2011

Bare Naked Soaping Ladies

Yes. I will give you a moment to get that visual OUT of your head.....Better ? All righty then. I am speaking of the group Bare Naked Ladies, one of my favorite, to which I was soaping tonight. The CD makes me happy and soaping makes me happy so here I am right now, happy. A good place to be.

He is another visual of happy

Newly weaned piglets following Keith AKA The Milk Man.
Inside those buckets are the magic of cultured raw milk mixed with
organic grain.
These 7 week old 1/2 Red Wattle piglets were recently weaned from their mother. Since they spent a good amount of their day roaming our farm anyway we felt they were ready to be moved to a cute little piglet dorm we have in the main barn. They went willingly but they also left willingly. They hear Keith and his rattly wagon and they go through the electric fence to meet him. At about 2 months they will decide they hate the fence and will stay away from it and inside their area where they belong. Our adult pigs have great respect for the electric fence but the little ones not so much.

Makes me wonder if their pain tolerance is higher or they are just dumber than the older pigs or smarter figuring the pain of the fence is short lived and the running free and wild is worth it ? It doesn't much matter as customers who come to buy meat and milk enjoy being escorted up the drive by live pork chops.

Enough about bacon lets talk lard, as in soap. Going mostly natural is working well for me. Nothing like sipping on a Diet Coke and snacking on Lays potato chips while I am mixing up all organic oils and steel cut oats for my soaps. One complex babe, yes tis she.

I turned the corner a few weeks ago when I looked at some of my more brightly colored soaps and decided I really liked the earthy ones. This soap was colored with organic coffee and scented with Sandalwood EO. Swirls were just made with the uncolored part of the soap batch and a wee bit of powdered sugar. Non-organic.If I'm anything, I'm inconsistent.

Made this soap with ground oatmeal and some organic pumpkin pie spices along with my new love, Mango Butter.

Scented with an Amyris, Rosemary EO combo it is heady and earthy and makes me want to light it up like a big fat...stick of incense. Yeah, thats it. Incense. (Of course I am kidding. Everyone knows marijuana is illegal, immoral  and interacts with Maalox in a nasty way)


  1. Everything about this post made me happy. I was smiling the whole time.

  2. My wife and I are enjoying the pork, beef and milk we picked up a couple of weeks ago. Made some cheeses, yogurt, ice cream and butter. Even the neighbors tried some milk and said "hey it tastes like milk"...ah...duh. LOL

    Julie LOVES your soap. We are talking about driving down after the fourth and picking up more milk and soap. This batch will go into making some hard cheeses which I'll be trying to make for the first time.

    Hopefully, we'll get to meet you.

    Doug and Julie

  3. Just loved the sight of those little bacon bits running around loose. That is pure happiness.

  4. Dear Donna,
    I found Your blog some weeks ago, and I like it very much. You (and the best of husbands) are very, very courageous to try a new start in a new life. I wish You all the best.

  5. I too just found your blog. OMG! Ya crack me up!!!

    Very very funny!

  6. I think I prefered the initial thoughts! Your soap looks good enough to eat! Well done, I would like to try some of your soap... How can I get hold of some?

  7. Briny, thank you. You are always so gracious. Are you sure you should be reading MY blog ?
    Doug, thank you for the support of us. One day I will make cheese too. One day
    MBJ. Not only do they run around gleefully, they also meet us at the back door. Nutcases.(us not them)
    Petra, I'm not sure about brave but we are excited about our new world coming up. Want to buy a great certified organic farm ?

  8. Miss Effie,I crack me up too. My family gets a little bored by me which is why I had to take my show on the road.
    Rare, if you want to email me at we can discuss sending suds across the pond. Yes, I know, I still owe your yard pics

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