Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whole New LifeStyle for Sale. Apply Within.

Homestead update  A close relative of ours recently voiced concern about us selling the farm and heading towards the very simple life. When I told him we were not even sure we would have a TV in the new house that is not yet built on the new land that is not yet bought he said , pointing to our grand kids "But what about them ?! What will they do all day ?" 
Grumpy faces due to argument they were having about where to put
the wood stove in their blanket house.

Please note: not a single remote or Game Boy or mouse in any ones hands
When left to their own will use their imagination.
I understand that folks just don't understand why we are doing what we are doing. Who in their right mind would sell the farm they have worked on for so many years and the home they raised four children in? Who would hand over  the livestock bred and birthed over many generations to the point that the blood lines are healthy and productive ? Who would let go of an organic meat business that required hours and hours of desk, office and legislative work in order to sell great meat to even greater customers ?

We would.

We ache for so much...less. We imagine unmowed fields, some woods, a maybe a pond or creek. We dream of days spent growing and then preserving 95% of all our own food. We want just enough animals, just enough square footage in our home, just enough clothes, just enough THINGS. Dwindling trips to stores and diminishing needs for outside merchandise.

We ache for ...more. More time for family, for reading, for writing, for riding,(and Yes I admit it, for soaping )  and  for working our land the way we want. We want more time to worship, more time to sit around the table and visit without always thinking about all the things that must be done. More time to enjoy a few animals instead of being exhausted caring for so many.

I learned to make soap waves this week. Took several tries. By the time I was done
I had taken all the Dramamine in the house. Anchors aweigh !
Phone calls of interest keep coming in while I continue to send out financial statements to our tax man and our realtor who continue to work for the farms asking price. We are the only certified organic dairy and pork and beef farm in Central Illinois which makes finding "comparables" difficult. Our potential for ongoing growth is huge. So big we can't wait to walk away from it !

Its our own fault and our huge blessing. Our customers are outstanding , especially those we've had for several years, the ones who bought meat from us out of our basement freezers (braving spiders and crickets) and the ones who bought from me out of the cooler I would lug back and forth to work. Nurses and Doctors who valued raw milk, pastured meat and free range eggs were our best customers for several years. Without all of their support we never would have had the courage to approach restaurants, to reach out to grocery stores. They knew this business would grow and that I would leave my nursing career before I could even admit that to myself.

Our "success" was never just ours. HE helped the most and thus passing it on to another family another group of young ENERGETIC people will not be hard at all.

We're ready.

If YOU are ready for a great new lifestyle, and have always dreamed of your own organic farm business please call our Realtor Terry Sullivan an 815-842-1400. Just ask him about South Pork Ranch in Chatsworth. He'll be happy to take your call.


  1. It is sad that some people cannot imagine a live without tv. But I'm sure Your grandchildren will love "simple" live when visiting You in Your new home.

  2. Holding good thoughts for you.