Sunday, June 26, 2011

Compared to me Forrest Gump was The Speed of Light

 So it seems bloggers are talking about me behind my post. Yeah, saying things like "Thank you" and "You Win"

I know! Takes a hunk of nerve to say things like that publicly and you front of others. One thing I learned in my decade (too long) of nurse management; Criticsize Privately and Praise Publicly."

Oh wait, that's exactly what My Baby John and Our Crazy Farm did. Never mind  and Thank you

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So now, as required, I will post seven things no one knows about me. REALLY ? No One ?!? I've been around the loch a few times which means sadly there might be some witnesses. Oh well, I'll try. First though please excuse me while I call Will County Police, anonymously of course, to check on the statute of limitations regarding a few items. One one-thousand, two one-thousand...its ringing...

And I am back. Here goes

1. When driving all alone I sing really loudly with a gravelly voice like I'm Janis Joplin or something
2. Sometimes its more like Melissa Ethridge
3. I count while doing things like filling the sink, watering flowers. Sure, call the doctor. I'll count to 10
4. My favorite movie really is not The Wizard of Oz.  Its Legend of The Falls even though its a stupid romance and Brad Pitt is so lame. Its because of Aiden Quinn . I heart him.
5. When I was 16 and ran away with the Molter twins for two weeks (yes, they were  boys) , we stole over 50 albums and sold them for gas money. Yes, I am ashamed and sorry and I know all the words to Arrowsmith's Toys in The Attic.
6. I sleep only about 3-4 hrs a night. Every night
7. I am afraid to walk past a mirror in the dark. See #6

So now I must elect 3 bloggers for the Stylish Blog Award. Hmmmmmm. Bribes will be taken. I am currently seeking essential oils of all kinds.


  1. Essential oils you say? Now I wonder what you would use those for? lol.
    See, now that wasn't so bad was it?

  2. sigh. Aiden Quinn. Now there's an actor to set my heart fluttering.