Wednesday, June 15, 2011


First off, thanks to my 7, count them SEVEN new followers I've picked up in the last couple days ever since I voiced concern over one follower abandoning me. Don't know how it happened that I would gain so many in such a short time, but grateful I am.  Rock.You people. Do.

So, I've been graced with some fun visuals the last couple of days and must share. Number one is pig related. At first glance it appears to be just a few tiny piglets nursing their mama in the peaceful tranquility of open pasture on a sunny, late spring day.

But, as you venture closer you realize its a group of PIGS who have failed to launch and see no problem with sucking the life out of their dear, sweet, self sacrificing mother.

Time for a little weaning party I would say.

Then, while driving home from Chicago last week after delivering several hog carcasses we found ourselves behind this clown. Obviously he did not agree with his bosses policy of calling with any complaints about the drivers performance.

Finally, I have this.

And to think I worried all day today if  MY shorts were too tight !


  1. I've always wondered about the 'drawer droppers'. The funniest moment I've seen in a long time was a guy who had to lift the crotch of his pants so he could make the step onto the city bus. He couldn't lift his knee high enough without hiking up his pants. I've often wondered what the attraction is...

  2. I wonder if those boys would hike up their drawers if they realized it looks like they're wearing capri's! (((shudder)))

    I had to laugh at the poor momma pig...we have a steer "calf" who is having a hard time letting go...he's almost 2. I think his momma is just resigned to the fact that she'll be nursing forever!

  3. Congrats! Seven! That must be a record. I felt pretty bad for you so I pulled a few strings~ check it out.....

    They all love ya sweetheart!

    Of course, with that last photo, now you might lose a few more:)))

  4. I love your sense of humor! Yes, I'm one of Terri's recruits! I'm going to enjoy reading your posts very much. :D

  5. Love those piglets!! How do you not get attached!?? I think that would be a hard part of animal farming for me... not getting too attached to the animals... left a comment on your last post too. Don't know how I had missed it!!?? xo Jen

  6. I will never understand why young men think it attractive to have their drawers hanging out.

  7. Well, I've tried to follow you through the link and my Yahoo keeps popping up an error message.

    So, while I'm not on the official list, I've been following for months now!

    You are just too, too funny not to follow.

  8. PULL YER BRITCHES UP BOYS!!! Honestly how can they htink that even looks cool.. I hav eto say most plumbers and construction workers have been wearing this style for years.LOL.. I am married to a Construction worker. I have seen to many examples.;)
    LOL at the Piglets!
    I bloghopped here from Terri also!!

  9. Funny stuff. You have a great sense of humor <3

  10. That trucker's tactic does not always work. I can run his license plate when I get to work :-)

  11. What's attractive about the pants around the knees! Simple: Most people don't find it attractive. Therefore it
    hast to be cooool!. Ah, one of these days classical music and three piece suits will be the protest garb of the day..

  12. Thanks for all the great comments !I too think if I winked at one of the young pantless men and pretended I was attracted to baggy boxers they would pull up their drawers in one big wedgie motion. Thanks to all of Crazy Farms hard work I now have 11 more followers than I did 48 hrs ago. You should be a pro fundraiser Terri ! Jen, I do get attached to the piglest up until the time they get put of their fences and dig up my gardens. Suddenly the honeymoon is over and the skillet gets heated up But they have the greatest life up until slaughter day. Even their ride to the locker is cushy with fresh water, sweet straw, popcorn and a movie. Usually we show them "Babe" or "Charlottes Web"

    Anon., don't think I don't know who you are. I even know what you did last summer.

    And then theres Art, I mean Scarecrow, who I love most of all.