Saturday, June 25, 2011


Although a fabulous band of the 60's and the home of Eric Clapton before he was known as Clapton, the Cream I am speaking of has nothing to do with guitars. But before I continue I must YouTube them and get a little fix.

I'm a little worried about the end of his guitar though. All that smoke must indicate an electrical problem eh ? Sooo where was I ? Oh yeah, woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb 'cross my head. Woke the GK's, drank coffee, packed up for the Farmers Market which we have done the last 6 Saturdays but today was cool 'cause another wonderful family was hosting it so all I had to do was set up (with Keith's help yeah) and then put out all my soaps in these great new display cabinets built by son Colton and Keith and then came home and made this HUGE breakfast for the GK's complete with Peanut Butter Pancakes and bacon ends which is the best bacon of all as it has the biggest fat hunks sent the kids outside to play in the "woods" which is just a patch of trees we never pulled about 50 feet from the house drank the rest of my cold coffee and decided to blog...

about cream.

(You think reading that was hard ?! You should live with all that in your head 24/7)

We have been enjoying lots of cream lately as Keith recently was able to repair a very vintage cream separator we obtained from the Jordan family. Who by the way we still owe for. They said they would take the amt due in return for milk but as yet they have not come for said milk should I just send them a check ?  (breathe Donna, breathe)

Sure you could start Frankensteins heart with this machine
could you not ?

After purchasing several new parts and playing with all those parts to get them in the correct cream separating order...Keith is now able to pour lots of raw milk into the big monster machine and get back the most awesome cream ever . The weirdest cream ever. So thick it hardly pours. Once I put it in my food processor it turns to whip cream so stiff I can tour the bowl over and it does not move. Allowing the blades to continue the butter breaks apart within three minute after that and is so bright yellow it looks tampered with. Tampered as in FD &C Yellow number 432938

Of course a bearing goes out after you've filled it with
 five gallons of milk. Murphys Raw.
And now a homestead update. Farm brochure being made by our Realtor and then MLS posting shall begin. We've had lots of interest and several phone calls. We spend our evenings looking online at small house plans but all are so goofy with their huge master bedrooms and king sized baths. We'll end up designing our own I'm sure. In the meantime junk is flying out the door and a few windows as we prepare for the biggest garage sale of our lives !


  1. That looks amazing. Have you tried using it in soap yet?

  2. Looks very much like the separator we used so very many years ago. It was my job to take it apart and clean it after use to prevent build up of milk stone.

  3. Love that cream. Very interesting cream separator. Not that I know anything about them, lol. Have looked at small ones but still pricey for just two goats.

    Sounds exciting in the homesteading department. I hope for a quick sale for the price you're hoping to sell for.

  4. Briny, (I know thats not your name but it should be cause its so cute) I do make soap with the whole milk but not yet with the cream. I make all our butter from the cream but late at night when my husband sleeps I might sneak some of the cream into my soap...
    MBJ, Keith uses a milk stone cleaner on this too. He says a pain to clean so he always runs 5 gallons of milk thru it at a time to make it worth the effort.
    Leigh, we paid our friends $50. The new bearing was $8 and a few disk replacements were $10. Getting great cream...PRICELESS

  5. I have cream separator envy!! Very nice :)

    Best of luck with the real estate, hope it sells & your able to find a new home with a floor plan you adore.

  6. Agree with Crystal I have Cream separator envy!LOL It looks really nice. That would be the only way I could get enough cream to make butter from goats milk.