Thursday, May 10, 2012

World Famous Hand

See that hand? The one wrapped around the glass canning jar? The one just above, with all the wonderful non-pasteurized, non-homogenized milk in it it? See it?

Yup, it's my husbands hand and its famous. Front page famous. The amazing thing is, the really awesome and totally unbelievable thing is. His hand is clean, relatively speaking. His nails do not have manure embedded in them as they normally do. There is no blood dripping from his knuckles from yet another source of injury he can't quite remember.

And we didn't even plan this shot.

I just told him he needed to hold the jar while I took the picture (used on the front page for another writers story) so I could submit it to my always patient editor Joel McNair, at Graze Magazine . So he did.

The second photo I submitted was also used along with the article I wrote about a new breed of customers buying raw milk from us, the raw milk virgins I call them.  Seems some farmers think we should avoid these folks who are seeking raw milk but whose immune systems may get a shock with all the new good bacteria. Too much risk.

But I think life without risk is a dull life indeed and instead we just need to spend more time educating these new customers about raw milk, and then treat them like adults and let them decide for themselves.

I am such a radical.


  1. Everyone's immune system must have had a 'shock' at some time!!

  2. That milk just looks so wonderful bubbling into the jar.

  3. That's the second time I've heard about raw milk in as many days. I'm sensing a trend ;)

    I like the description of your hubbies hands.

  4. Rock on radical milk pushers! Rock on, Keith's hand!! :)

    Hey Donna I saw your last posts--I AM still in the Midwest! I'm in Winterset IA, set to arrive back in the city NEXT WEDNESDAY! That would make almost A MONTH in the Midwest!

    Everyone needs to stop being so cute and kind and it would be easier not to keep coming back, dernit!

  5. I love your kind of radical, LOL. Your truly radical statement in this post is the concept of treating people like adults! Who woulda thought to do that! According to our politicians and the media we're all a bunch of dopes. Isn't that why they have to tell us what we're allowed to consume in the first place?