Monday, May 28, 2012

Fire up those Grills...Its Bratwurst time!

Pastured Organic Pork Steak. Grilled and served
Cranberry Chutney.

All right you Brats.... Chops and Ribs, stand up and be counted because your time is up.

Now ready for the locker are several handsome hogs, all raised on certified organic pastures, grain and raw milk. Two ways to order: by the whole carcass or by the half. Two lockers to choose from: Eureka Illinois on June 5th or Chenoa Illinois on June 6. One great price: $2:75 per pound  Hanging Weight plus processing which averages about 80 cents a pound. This means you will pay less than $4 per pound for all the different cuts of meat from ground pork to baby back ribs to yummy bacon. National average for organic brats are now $8 a pound and organic bacon is $12.00. (as discovered with a Google search). Obviously buying in bulk is the most economical

To order you can call us at 815-635-3414
Email us at
Or leave me a comment on this blog with your contact info

Now you might ask what is the difference between the two lockers? Well, they are both USDA certified lockers but only Eureka is certified organic. This means all organic hogs are processed first and equipment is cleaned only with organic approved cleaners. It also means there will be no MSG or Nitrates in your cured meats (ham, bacon), instead curing is done with organic spices, herbs. Also organic processing is slightly more expensive depending on the amount of cured meats you order.

So before you leave me, think about this. It's Sunday morning. You've worked hard all week and you are ready for a big yummy breakfast. So you walk to your freezer and pick out a big package of antibiotic and hormone free bacon or maybe some sausage patties, or better yet...BOTH.

Yeah, both.


  1. If only you weren't so far away.

  2. I know! You really need to move down south here so WE don't have to raise pigs to fill our freezer.....much easier for YOU to do it for us!

    Bacon or sausage, bacon or sausage? The choices are maddening first thing in the morning!

    BTW, your prices for organic pork are outstanding :)

  3. I'm drooling. We are already using the BBQ most nights.... a big slab of your delicious pork would be just perfect.

  4. Well, if only I lived closer..and ate meat. But by bippy, you are making a great case for the meat-eating, Donna! :D

  5. I'm multi-tasking - both crying and drooling. Such a pity mailing sausage isn't as easy as sending soap.

    BTW, your soaps are fabulous. Nowadays, I'm staying in the shower extra-long to breath in their steamy aroma. Heaven!

  6. I only wish you lived closer!!!

  7. Man, I NEED MEAT! I need to stop by soon.