Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saponification Sunday...Landscape Challenge

It hit 104 degrees here on South Pork Ranch but Keith and I are no eejits. No sirree Babe, the second  the thermometer hit a balmy 99 we high tailed it into the coolness of the farmhouse, registering at a bone-chilling 85.

You scoff, but 14 degrees is a huge difference. Years ago when we bought this old four square, we did install all the duct work for future airconditioning but we did not purchase the actual AC unit. We figured if we had AC we'd be inside too much instead of working like dogs in the heat.

Obviously our train of logical thought derailed years ago.

In between heat flashes, soap was made, showed and sold. Amy Warden and her Landscape Challenge kept me busy. I've done landscapes before but never intentionally. I just poured different soaps into my mold and then if it comes out looking like another Van Gogh (usually more Picasso like) I'll just pretend that was my intention all along.

But this week I actually PLANNED what I was going to scape and it turned out...pretty average. But, as usual I learned so much by checking out all the other participants entries. Those people are dang good.

The business part of my hobby continues to move ahead. A new store in Pontiac, P.R.O.U.D.S Illinois Marketplace bought several of my soaps and several more regulars reordered bars. I was asked to make soap for my nieces wedding shower recently and my daughter thinks she's ready to try a salt bar.

She seems a little young at 31 but a mother has to know when to let go.

If you'd like to buy one of the yellow bars,  cost is $4 per bar plus postage. You can email me at Send me your address and I'll give you a postage quote. The green and blue bottom bar was a small batch and is already spoken for. So sorry.


  1. How cool is that!! Did you notch out the sun to make it fit behind the trees?? I mean really - that's detail!

    I figure this week's challenge will be a walk in the park for the likes of you & your all-natural soapmaking buddies. :)

  2. Wow, how absolutely lovely. I've tried a few landscape soaps, but never anything that complex. I can't even imagine how you do that!

  3. Beautiful Soap!

    BTW...Stock up on the soap. I have been given marching orders to high tail it down there to get some goodies this upcoming week.

  4. When I first saw the pictures, I immediately thought 'landscape'. What's next? 'Still life', 'Portrait', or 'Abstract' maybe? (I think you already do 'Abstract')

  5. These are great! I too love how the trees front the sun! What's next will be right up your alley! AS I have Mt. Everest on my mind the first one I thought was the Hillary step. Love the colors of all.

  6. I have no idea how you do that but the results are spectacular.

  7. Very eerie. It looks like a storm is coming and the sun has been eclipsed. Is that clay in your sun, mountain and trees?

  8. The sun behind the trees is a beautiful detail - very nice !! I love the muted's like a cloudy day in the mountains. ~Suzy

  9. That is so impressive -- I can't stop looking at it!

  10. Amy, yes I did notch out the green moon to fit around the trees. far from perfect but still had fun doing it

    Sheryl. Thank you. Of course I photographed the best bars. The others look a bit like a moon swimming in green pea swapland

    Doug. I will have the store fully stocked for you. Tell Julie thanks for the marching orders

    Cro, portrait ? Hmm. That could be fun. Ugly but fun. Abstract, yeah much easier.But you have reminded me, time to make more Crobars. They have sold out again!

    Pam. Thank you. Yup looking forward to the alnatural bars. It's all I know man

    MBJ I have no idea either

    Jane. I wish it were COOL. 103 again here . Yikes

    Tina. I used nettle leaf powder and wheat grass powder for the greens. Now can't wait to see more of your soaps!

    Mary, thank you again and again.

    Suzy. My soaps are muted because I am so NOT.

    Broad. Thanks for looking. My soaps loved to be stared at.

  11. Amazing soap art! What ingredients did you use?

    Also scanned down to other posts. I have been tied up on quilting projects, got behind on commenting.

    That hussy duck! I bet there is a lot of pecking-order going on behind your back!

    Of course, only high class birds use the best wool, turquoise Merino!

    Your 'secret garden' is coming along beautifully!

  12. What a lovely soap, I think your intentional landscape came across very well!

  13. I LOVE your answer, Donna !!!
    Stay "unmuted" :-D ~Suzy

  14. Wow, I love your landscape soap, Donna! It looks like it took a lot of work and patience. Bravo!

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