Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Virginia Woolf, alive and well at South Pork Ranch

Meet out two newest breeding gilts, they are in front, Clarissa and behind her, Mrs Dalloway. If you're a fan of Virginia Woolf and have seen the movie, or read the book 'The Hours" you'll understand the name reference. If not, go read the book/watch the movie. I'll wait.

Good, wasn't it? But poor poor Leonard, droopy sort of fellow was he not? He tried so hard but he just didn't get her did he?

Back to gilts. A gilt, for you non farmer types, is a virgin pig, one who has never given birth to a litter of petite spare ribs, which is not the same as "baby back ribs" as they do not come from baby pigs at all but rather are the most tender, most expensive  part of the ribs, the ones with the most meat, on a full grown market hog.


The new girls,  full Red Wattles, were both farrowed (born) here about 10 months ago and are of the size and emotional maturity for breeding. How do we know? Just look at them ! Shiny, happy pigs they are and at feeding time I recently overheard Clarissa to Mrs Dalloway

     "No sweetie, you go first, heaven knows my hams are big enough for three sows!"

I wanted to disagree but they kinda are...but still, emotional maturity is no question.

In a few days, we picked my birthday May 17 because we need all the memory help we can get, and because it allows me to blatantly drop a hint about my birthday, we will introduce them to our Red Wattle Boar, Wally, of the  Wickham Farm line. Then we start the countdown of 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 salt grains thrown over our left shoulder and we hopefully will welcome two more  beautiful Red Wattle litters into the family at South Pork Ranch.

The girls come from good stock. Their papa is our own Mad Max and their mama,Whispering Willows Deb, also resides here, . Don't you love that name?  In my next on stage performance I want to be known as "Whispering Willows Donna" Yes , I do.


  1. lovely ladies indeed....there should be some sweet babies soon

  2. Taking orders for them up and coming spare ribs yet?

  3. Why them Poor things are soo.....skinny..... HAHAHA!! Nice looking hams girls!

  4. They really are beauties, and your grass looks lush too.

    Whispering Crumblies Cro x

  5. Love the book, the movie and the pigs!

  6. Haven't read the book, but I'll take your word for it.

    The girls are just awesome. All the names too, so much fun.