Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Secret Garden Comes out of Hiding

In February, I showed you the above (left) pic of the spot in our yard designation for my future Secret Garden. I have for many years wanted a private place of my own, one filled with flowers and birdhouses, recycled farm inventory and sidewalk made of wood, stone and glass (yes, glass, as in glass mulch). Walls covered with vegetation to ensure at least the facade of privacy.  A place where I could go with a cuppa or a beer-a and a book and practice the fine art of lounging.

Close up view of the East wall which curves.
Imagine a chaise lounge under the tree

Sure, you are thinking. She wants privacy but then shows the whole world wide her  "Secret" Garden. Just goes to show how much YOU know. In order to get into this special spot your will have to tell me the SECRET password and show me your SECRET engraved invitation (or just hop the fence.)

In April we got started. See pic above (right) as we put up the four walls and planted the perimeter with sunflowers and/or climbing vines such as morning glories and red Hyacinth beans.Yesterday I added annual seeds such as lavender, nasturtium, white moon flowers, cosmos, zinnias and more. Gladiola bulbs are scattered throughout.

The thick grass on the left will remain
A winding walkway made of wood, glass and stone will
curve along the annuals planted along the right

 The old claw foot tub will hold ornamental cabbage in pink and yellow as well as alysium and marigolds. I may even paint the outside. If the muse so strikes me.

We have kept with our promise of using only recycled materials already taking up space here on South Pork Ranch, such as livestock panels from the 1940's, the 1910 claw foot tub (missing 3/4 of its claws, so sad) decorative wooden posts from one of our porches long ago torn down and re-built, a concrete post from the Goodman Theatre, a gift from friend Jay who helped re-do much of the stone work there about 10 years ago etc etc etc.

Entrance will require engraved invitations,
secret code words and finally a secret knock

 The main gate was found by herself buried deep in our hayloft. Based on the hand forged latch and the deeply gouged out area of wood where the latch swings, we are guessing the gate to be several decades old and probably original to our farm.

In all, when done, I am hoping it will look like many of the garden delights I have pinned to my own board here on Pininterest. If you see a particular pic there, which you love, feel free to ship the complimentary building materials to me at your convience. Keith and I will do all the work of opening the boxes I can promise you that!

PS I also have to thank Blog Friend, Rare andSharon Lovejoy   for their beautiful gardens which have inspired me. Of course their creations are not in the same league as mine. Doubtful they have clawfoot tubs in their gardens and if they did...they'd have all four feet I betcha.


  1. Love that old gate post with the lines of time etched into it.

  2. This sounds so wonderful. How wonderful to have a place of your own.

  3. Enjoy your secret garden. Could you please take pictures of it when all the flowers are blooming I bet it will be a real stunner.

  4. Oooh--I love the idea of a secret garden. I sorta-kinda have started a raggedy one of my own. For me, what's the most fun is that it's bounded by fence and relatively small. in it is sort of like playing house -- the little things (like latches and claw-foot tubs) come into their glory. I look forward to seeing more pix!

  5. Right behind me is a hand-forged latch that could be a twin of yours. Before I made the window into a door (which leads to the studio) it held one side of the shutters closed from the inside. SNAP!



  7. You have some wonderful ideas. I've dreamed of having a secret garden -- inspired by the White Garden at Sissinghurst...

  8. It sounds like you're off to a great start! Can't wait to see it all come together.