Saturday, May 26, 2012

Secret Garden Update

Even though we still have tons going on, I have made it a habit to spend at least 15 minutes a day in my secret garden. Started a couple of months ago, it was just a patch of yard under a patch of evergreens.

Then friend Jay added a sidewalk made from recycled brick that came from an old chimney in our 115 year old farm house.

This week, Keith helped me put up these two railings that came off the porch of oldest son's Colton's house. His place is also over a hundred years old.

The railings were very fragile and rotted in some places, unsafe for a porch used by humans, but perfectly acceptable for shabby chic secret garden decor. Our goal was to use only recycled "inventory" in my new garden spot and we were doing pretty well until...

The GK's asked for a bird feeder and a ...

Bird House

And a nest building material storage box.

Because every ornithologist worth their winged tipped shoes and google eyed binoculars knows that birds need turquoise colored merino wool to jazz up their nests.

You put all that together along with an old bird bath and the secret garden is now complete with this:

The Tippi Hendron Village

Run, Tippi, Run !!!!


  1. Nono! These are cute, and I am loving all you are adding to the secret garden. Love the old porch railings! Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve ;)

  2. Your Garden is so wonderful and pretty! I have enjoyed all the wonderful ideas. You need a bird bottle in there somewhere. I have a post on them if you have never seen one, lol!

  3. You have to humour the GK's.

  4. I like seeing your secret garden materialize! And birds will only make it more interesting.