Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saponification Sunday and Sidewalk Satisfaction

Before I move on to soap lets just take a peak at that awesome sidewalk me brick layin' friend Jay gifted me with.  He finished it today before heading back home. Keep in mind...made with all recycled brick from our old chimney circa 1897

Even the weed barrier under the bricks was recycled, using the black plastic we used to wrap the hogs in (dead hogs, no live hogs have ever been wrapped in Plastic on this farm, they have been wrapped in sawdust and straw but never plastic). Towards  the back you'll see the clay drainage tiles.

The one on the right I will use as a small fire pit and the one on the left is filled with gravel and supporting the tall white column. The column came from son Colton's porch, another century old house and I plan to attach birdhouses to it, an antique clock,  or maybe more climbing vines or perhaps a big pot of flowers on the top with trailing IVY...hard to say how it will end up.

More soon as the Secret Garden evolves.

So, onto soap. A great week for making it and selling it. Not such a great week for ADDRESSING it. No, not in "Hi Soap, how are you?" That's just goofy, I mean putting it in a package and addressing it to be mailed. Soap that was to go to Susan in California was accidentally sent to Susan in WI. Fortunately Susan number one emailed me about the mistake and offered to send it on to Susan number two, and Susan number two has graciously accepted my apology for the tardy soap delivery.

In the meantime I did get around to participating in  AMY WARDEN'S weekly soap challenge. I missed a couple weeks. The goal was to make gradient soap and the process went fairly well. Except that I over poured my Castor oil by one ounce, giving me a softer soap than usual.

Cutting it caused a little smearing. I used Indigo powder to color it. Loved the muted blue grey I got but  ticked that my new camera is STILL in the shop (waiting for a part they ordered to come in) and my photos are back to sucking.

Loaded with excuses aren't I ? What will I do when my Nikon is returned and my soap still looks second rate ? I'll blame the lye I use of course. And after that, the essential oils and after that my stick blender, and after that the phase of the moon. the slope of my kitchen floor. the dimness of my to speak.


  1. Donna, the walk is superb! The garden promises to be a dream and I'm sure you will be whiling away as many hours as you can find in your very special secret place.

    As for the soap -- it's astonishing the many things you can turn your hand to and the complexity of all the variety of soap is just mind boggling! Whatever camera you are using, the pictures look fine to my eyes!

  2. The brick walk looks great!! Can't wait for the flowers. :^)

  3. Gorgeous walkway. Can't wait to see your secret garden unfold .. wait, if you show us it won't be secret anymore.
    The young lady I gave the scented soap to is still raving over it. Your soap lathers like a dream and lasts like you wouldn't believe. I cut one piece of the unscented in half and put a piece in the upstairs bathroom. That must have been three weeks ago??? and it gets used several times a day. It has hardly gone down at all.

  4. Whoa! Great walkway!!

    Ok, I have seen, touched, dern near eaten the soap and I think they are excellent!! It is definitely just the camera's issue with them :)

  5. Love that sidewalk! I have a sudden urge to go work in my neglected secret flower garden:))

    Your soap is beautiful~ fancy camera or not!

  6. The walkway is awesome!

  7. Great Walk! Really like the 1800's brink. Reuse! Upcycle.

  8. Agreed - the sidewalk is just so amazing!! Love the soap too, of course! Any fragrance added this time?

  9. i'm laughing at your camera comment (and the one you left on my blog today). and i'm loving that sidewalk!

  10. Your garden is coming along nicely! The walkway is fabulous. Your soap turned out beautifully, too - love the gray-blue layers.

  11. The walk is gorgeous, and so are you soaps. I love the coloring and layers.

  12. I love to see the history in your secret little garden! Keep posting pictures of it!

    Now you have me interested in indigo coloring for soaps. I love the colors you got with it.

  13. Broad, I too can hardly wait to get in that garden full time ! My soaps keep evolving as I do, some days like a gorilla, other days a bit more sophisticated

    Dot, I owe you an email don't I ? Whoops again :(

    MBJ. Many mnay thanks

    Zan, how are you? where are you?

    Crazy. Go out and play in that garden and post some pics. RIGHT NOW!

    Martha, many thanks. But nothing is as gorgeous as your weaving

    Art. Yeah thats me. Upscale Donna. My hubbie got me on sale for sure :)

    Amy. I did add fragrance. Now what was it ? Hmmm? better check some notes of mine

    Tex...YOU and your great photos are just one of the reasons I can't be satisfied with my camera.

    Jenny. You are too kind and yes I am loving the garden as it starts sprouting the seeds I planted. So much potential

    Anne Marie. So honored you dropped by my blog again. You soap mentors keep me so motivated!

    Amy. I will I will. And yes, Indigo is fun and so is Woad powder for an even darker blue

  14. Love the walkway! How did you level it? With sand? I would love to do this in our yard! Looks so lovely.

    I will let you know when the soap arrives!

  15. Susan. my friend Jay is meticulous in all that he does. First he dug the path removing all weeds, stone and dirt down about 6 inches. Then a layer of thick black plastic and then laid the brickes so carefully using a 2x2 and special hammer he leveled EACH brick. Soon I will pour some sand in between. He said to let it settle more first.

  16. LOVE the walk. very photogenic and seductive with those curvatious swoops. It defintely adds enticement. Precisely what one wants in a path to a Sceret Garden. As for the soap, you make my Plain Jane, clean the clothes and body soap look naked with it's simple white appearance.

  17. I just love your sidewalk and have a stack of the same bricks to do the same thing! Now I want to make one.

  18. Gorgeous soap! I bought a batch of indigo powder last year but never got anything but a very flat, pale, muted gray- yours is much prettier...i really like your "soaping style".