Monday, May 14, 2012

South Pork Purgatory

Yes. We are in purgatory. Between the devil and the deep blue sea. We are also stuck between a rock and a hard place, sitting on the fence and, lodged somewhere 'between Scylla and Charybdis' (Nope. No idea who those chicks are but I dig the names)

OK, I looked it up. Seems Scylla and Charybdis resided on a
small farm in Greece, Illinois
Our dilemma continues as our situation evolves. A party approached us last week and is seriously interested in buying our farm and business. We are equally as interested in selling it to them. But as it goes with complicated situations like ours, the selling of a home and land and livestock and business contacts, there are many hoops to cross and T's to jump through.

Lets not even go anyway near the red tape, it seems endless right now, a tightrope that will not stop swinging.

While we all do the work that must be done to make this a dream come true for each of us, Keith and I continue to struggle with the day to day stuff. For example the door to our milk tank room needed replacing. The frame is decaying, the hinges are rusted. Do we do it now or will the farm sale be complete and the new owners decide they want a revolving door in its place? (Postscript: Keith replaced the door. It's beautiful)

The Secret Garden, MY secret garden, (selfish, I am so selfish)  is finally a reality but do I plant annuals or perennials ? Or perhaps just stick a bunch of those plastic gravestone flowers in the ground and call it quits?

And of course the big garden. Do we plant all the seeds we ordered , weed and water just to walk away from it in a few weeks? And who gets all the produce? Is it nuts to include tomato poundage at the sale closing?

What about Fannie our Great Pyrenees, farm livestock protector and good friend. Is it better to leave her here with all the cows and hogs she loves and takes care of, but with new owners or do we take her with us to a confusing new place? Seriously, we love her dearly but what is best for HER? (and the livestock we'll be including in the sale, not to mention number one grandson)

So many variables and possibilities. So many hopes for applications to be approved and finaces to be fair on both sides. So much to clog up my brain and keep me from sleep.

I know I know, why worry about the things you cannot control.? Excellent advice. Wise sage you are but you still haven't answered my questions about the Secret Garden Flowers. Do I plant them or just Stick It?


  1. Plant them. If the sale goes through you have the satisfaction of knowing someone else will be enjoying what you created, and if the sale falls through you have the happiness of enjoying them yourself.

  2. Take the dog with you...she'll miss you far more than the livestock.

  3. I have no idea what you should do about the flowers~ but how exciting!! A real offer on the farm!! Yippee!!!

  4. I have no idea what you should do about the flowers~ but how exciting!! A real offer on the farm!! Yippee!!!

  5. My people seemed to move quite often. When the sitting room needed re-painting, they'd up and go.

    Father always said you should continue as normal right up till the day of the move; then never look back. I think it was a wise attitude.

  6. Follow Cro's advice.

    Plant the garden with annuals. Take the dog.

  7. Ditto what Amanda said, totally!
    Congratulations on having an actual real offer on your farm xxx

  8. Many people in the UK actually uproot plants when they move gardens, even though the new owners bought the property on the strength of a few border annuals. I say either leave the seeds or take them with you - you are not, after all, trying to impress!

  9. Plant the seeds. Keep the dog! It's so exciting (and nerve-racking) to move but I'm sure you'll all do just fine.

  10. Donna, as a military wife (now retired, thank goodness) with 21 - yes- 21 moves under her belt. Our family has more experience selling homes and moving our household goods from pillar to post than I care to remember. My sage advice (cough, cough) is to plant the seeds in the veggie garden, plant the flowers you love in your secret garden, keep the dog and try TRY to not borrow trouble by worrying about all the details of selling the place. Take each day as it comes and relax, all will work out in the end.

  11. Plant the seeds and keep the dog.

    I work in a title company and on deals that are NOT as complicated as yours it can take months. I'd say enjoy what you have while you have it and it the closing happens sooner than expected, you are leaving a house warming gift for the new folks.

  12. that's exactly what dogs are for

  13. Hi Seester!

    How about this?
    "Be still & know I am God."
    HE already knows how this will work out, let your faith carry you.

    I'm praying love you

  14. Leave the gun - take the cannoli.

    Hold on...I meant to say plant the flowers - take the dog.

    I too am in real estate. What Judie said...ditto. :-)

  15. An offer, YEAH!!! So excited for you and Keith. Relax, Don't Worry, Everything is Going to Be Alright!


  16. Plant them anyway. Then go with the dream. We are in a similar situation. do we continue to make our house into what we have always wanted, or do we sell and move? Or both?

  17. Wow...the high and lows of a farm buyer. We've been there. Its not really fun because there are so many hoops to go through. Ours fell through some four years ago and we are glad. We love our farm but have downsized severely and other opportunities have come our way where other people are doing the work but we are getting some of the money. I will keep you in my prayers as I know how hard it is to make all these decisions.