Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saponification Sunday...Feeling a bit peaked

"Give me an S!"

The soap is peaked, not me. I'm excellent. A very good, very busy week and as I speak...sort is raining. Glorious, soaking rain that we were in desperate need of. So, I am quite happy even though it is 11:40 and I have to get up at 5am.

Oh well. What else is new?

Last weeks challenge tossed at us by the ever -so-hard-working Amy Warden; Super Saponifier, was to make soap with peaks, or waves or lovely tops. She even gave us training videos to watch. Before I go any further I must thank Amy publically for her endless energy in this endeavor to push us all beyond our lathered up comfort zones. I can only imagine how much time she is spending organizing all of us, posting on her own blog, making it easy to post our photos and links to our websites on that same blog and then provide us with additional educational material.

THEN she runs about commenting on our efforts, our photos, encouraging us. She does all this in between her motherhood responsibilities to name just one of her extracurricular activities.You are super keen Miss Amy and I appreciate you!

So here is my entry for this past week.

The recipe is my Farmtastic bar made with our raw cows milk, buckwheat honey, free range egg and Red Wattle Pig Lard. Oils used in addition to the lard were Olive, Sweet Almond and Castor. No added scents or coloring. It came out smelling like raw bread dough all warm and doughy, (like most of the genetic pool I swim in) I played around with a few more photos just for fun.

I forgot to cover my mold and ended up with a nice coating of soda ash but
decided I liked the way it looked so didn't bother to steam it off.
I also decided I needed a soap mascot.

I had found this wee cloaked Druid in an art shop in Cahirsiveen, County Kerry, Ireland  when I went to my happy place about 6 years ago. Handmade by a potter, I found the fellow charming. Contrary to Irish Lore however, he wasn't all that adept at handling his pints.



  1. Love your tiny Druid though at first I thought he was someone's thumb playing dress up. Oops!

    The soap looks great!We are out of milk and almost out of soap so as soon as Brian gets home from China we will be up again to replenish our stock.

  2. I don't think I've ever been addressed as a Super Saponifier before - sure sounds impressive though! :) Loving your beautiful creamy white soaps and the soft, soothing waves on top!

  3. Beautiful soap! Beautiful pictures! Did you get your camera back???

  4. Soap looks fabulously creamy and I like the ash on top too. Great peaks!

  5. The soap is very beautiful. I often use colors in my soaps, but somehow I always like most the soapbars that are all natural.
    I´ll have to ask, how do you use egg in your soap?

  6. Your loaf did a nice rise! Love the peaks and the ash adds character. Your photography sure stands out!

  7. Your photo of the soap in it's mold is one of the best soap photos I've seen in a while-beautiful work! I bet this is fantastic soap :)

  8. The soap is very pretty. Very beautiful.

    I love your little druid.

  9. Gorgeous soaps, Donna! Your peaks turned out great and the soap looks so creamy. Love your little Druid friend!

  10. Ooooh, it looks like you are having fun with your soaps! And I love your little Druid friend!

    Ok, no joke, I am love with the farm fresh soaps and I will pay FULL price (That's $5 for each bar over here!) and shipping. I will message you later.

    How is everything at the Ranch? ;)

  11. Your soap looks edible, like thick cream. I gave my m-in-law rose geranium, and she said it is too beautiful to use. Said it should be a center-piece. It is so lovely.

  12. Simplicity...lovely, creamy, dreamy soap!