Friday, May 25, 2012


Pigs are brilliant. Horses are smart enough. Ducks are dumber than a bag of socks.
Ducklings, however, are adorable and cannot be held responsible for their parents indiscretions.

The above mama duck is also a thief.

She hatched out a few ducklings, another mama hatched a few and another mama hatched a few more. The next day we see mama ducks with NO babies and this Harlot with ALL the babies!
Perhaps she is part social worker and felt the need to intervene. Perhaps she is a Day Care Duck and is merely watching the babes while the other mamas go to work.

Last year Allana swears (not really, she doesn't swear) that this same Mother Duck had only one chick and she was so lonely she went after all the other babies this year.

Either way, she is causing trouble on the farm. Feelings of working duck guilt and egg hatching incompetence abound. Some reverse theivery is also occuring. I saw two ducklings under the wing of one of our Red Wattles. An adoption in progress or pre-heating a future meal? Hard to tell.


  1. Well as long as SOMEONE is looking after them. They look quite contented and the day care worker looks quite pleased with herself.

  2. This is so funny.

    Here in Utah people jump out of their cars on six lane roads, stopping traffic, to see that a mama duck and her babies get across without injury.

    Drivers here won't stop for people. They sure as heck won't allow you into their driving lane, even with blinkers a blinking - but they will stop for ducks.

  3. I like the way your mind works! Ducks may be dumb, but they sure are fun to watch!

    Thanks for the morning giggle! :)

  4. Well, now, let's not be so quick to judge! Who said those other mamas aren't delinquents and abandoned these babies and that THIS mama isn't picking up the slack??

    Paparazzi Speculation, I say! Did anyone INTERVIEW these females before we put this on the ten o'clock news?? It's all a story, I tell you! :)

  5. Your theories on Mrs. Duck are hilarious! I love ducks and have been planning on getting a few. Hopefully soon! I love that photo with all the little ones. :)

  6. Let's just say she's part social worker, part thug.


  7. What cute little ducks! You are so lucky to be able to have them around. =)

  8. Time to call in the Duck Squad!

  9. Okay, finally I'm here. I know, it has been ages since you got a comment from shy and oh so humble me.
    Oh my, what a fowl posting and I wont duck the issue. I know, what the flock am I talking about and did you know that "duck" is a term of endearment in this part of lil' ol' England...

  10. re Judy above. I stopped on the main motorway down to Toulouse to let a small family of ducks/lings cross. I was worried that I would cause a pile-up, but in fact just caused a tail-back of a few kilometres! They all crossed over safely.

  11. your blog has been a great escape this evening for this chicago-bred mama.

    hilarious. indeed. a harlot duck. :)