Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pearls for the Yaya

December 16, 2009

When I picked up my grand daughter Allana from school Monday she was very excited about something. A "surprise" for me. When we got back to my daughters home, she brought me a nicely wrapped item. Shiny paper and a pretty bow. I asked her if I should wait to open it until Christmas. She firmly said no. "Open it now !" So I did.

Inside was a gingerbread man jewelry box but that was not all. Inside THAT was a the most beautiful string of pearls I have seen . Now don't mock me. I have been around (stop it !) and I have seen pearls, so I know good ones when I see them. These were made of the best string and white plastic known to the lower middle class. And they fit perfectly around my neck. The best part though, was not in the receiving but in the giving. My grand daughter was soooooo excited about giving this gift to me. She wiggled all over as I opened it, she smiled widely when I realized it was not one gift but TWO and she reveled in how fabulous they made me look.

She is only five, yet she already understands how Christmas is about giving and not about getting. Now if I could only remember that.

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