Thursday, December 3, 2009

My kind of town...

December 3, 2009

Chicago is. Sometimes you just have to get away. Pass the kids off to someone else who loves them, pack up your high heeled city boots, grab the cash you had stashed away in the box of Tide, call Amtrak for tickets and JUST GO ! That's what my friends Stacey, Kristy and I just did. Yesterday and today in Chi-town.

We crammed in an awful lot in 24 hrs. Train ride to and from Union Station, multiple cab rides,
( one involving a driver who insisted I gave him the wrong directions when witnesses clearly stated I did not, another driver who gave us serious whiplash with his acceleration/braking issues,) dinner at Old Town Social, outrageous comedy show at The Improve Olympic, dessert at Hard Rock Cafe, (waiter "Q" we are watching you) shopping at Water Tower Place, Rainforest Cafe, Filenes Basement and Navy Pier. What have I forgotten ? Oh yeah, the best and greasiest breakfast for cheap at the Ohio Street Coffee House. We also managed to get in a little sleep at the Best Western (No, NOT the Westin you ridiculous taxi driver you.) Well, we slept for awhile, that is until the Firetruck Parade woke us at 0500, which is a bad hour for Stacey as it is don't cha know ?

But back to Old Town Social. That place was too cool, too hip, too young and yet they still let me in. I know it was because Kristy and Stacey were all citified looking with their heels and scarves. Maybe it helped a little that this is the restaurant that has been buying pork from us and we do sorta-kinda know the owner Jared Van Camp but I'm not convinced. I am convinced however, that I have never tasted such good food as we had last night. Yoni, the executive sous chef, took time from his busy evening to say hello and then prepare us a charcuterie (handcrafted variety of sausages, salami, other pork meats) that was out of this world. Three wooden boards full of pepperoni, finnochia, toscano and chirizo. Along with crusty breads and relishes.Who knew so many wonderful tasting things could be produced from the humble hogs at Green Acres Farm. ?

And if that were not enough the 3 of us also ordered deep fried bread and butter pickles, which my friend Kristy best described as "really yummy with a kick at the end", mac and cheese with too many different kinds of cheese to even remember and roasted brussel sprouts with pancetta. So good were these little green things that I completely forgot that I am not a fan of brussel sprouts until I had eaten 3/4 of the dish. The staff was super attentive but not clingy, the music was perfect and the bathrooms !!!! They were executive style water closets at the least. We may have been just 3 small town girls from south of I-80 but we know class when we see it and its name is Old Town Social. 455 W. North Street, Chicago. Just go.

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