Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mad Max

December 12, 2009Two days ago Jason and Keith traveled to Kiss My Grass Farm in Morgantown, Indiana to bring home our second Red Wattle "family." Its over a three hour drive but Keith felt well worth it since he was able to bring home some fine looking pigs. The owners, Dot and Brian Jordan are fairly new to raising this special breed but have become experts in a very short time. Check them out at

My first impression when we unloaded the group late Thursday night was how healthy looking they were. Bright eyes, shiny coats and willingness to jump right into their new box stall. Obviously Dot and Brian had done a great job of raising these pigs so far. We bought one young boar, four months old who Jason named Mad Max. His two future wives are a month younger than him and smaller as you can see by the pics. I am still working on names for the pig chics.

Within a very short time I was able to pet all three briefly and within 24 hours they were enjoying ear scratches and back rubs as much as the Red Wattles we bought from Clyde Grover in Rockford, Illinois. This group comes from the Timber Line of Red Wattles which I am going to read about and then report back to you my millions of readers, very soon. In the meantime enjoy the pics of these handsome new residents of Green Acres Farm.


  1. How about Betty and Veronica? Or Lucy and Ethel? Perhaps LaVerne and Shirley, then there's always Samantha and Serena, or Cagney and Lacey, Mary and Rhoda, Wilma and Betty, Thelma and Louise, Ginger and Mary Ann, or Patience and egs and ham?

  2. Oh my gosh Mary, those are so great !!! How am I going to decide ?!?!