Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The end of another year

December 31, 2009

Man oh man ! The end of another year. And where did that last decade go ?!?! Just yesterday we were all preparing for the big crash of 2000 when all things computerized were suppossed to go down in flames and here we are 10 years later with more cybermicronanoraspberry stuff than we've EVER had. I am speaking both in a worldly sense as well as here on the farm. As a matter of fact , you might not be able to tell, I am at this moment using a computer. See ? Its become such a part of our lives we hardly notice. And yet, as much as I enjoy and benefit from the technology I still at times think about going back to a life with less. Or at least a life with MORE human, face to face contact. So, a few resolutions because it is , after all, the NEW year.

1. I resolve to go to mass. And not just on the days it is easy.

2.I resolve never to learn how to text. It makes me livid to be in the middle of a conversation with someone and they turn away from me to answer or send a text. If it is that important they will call the police and send them to your door like we used to do.

3. I resolve to always check the inside of little childrens boots for snow packing when they are playing outside with me. Wesley, please forgive the yaya.

4. I resolve to really listen to my husband when he speaks to me instead of thinking about what else HE could be doing or what else I could be doing . (Its called head texting and its just as rude as real texting.)

5. I resolve not to watch Real Housewifes of Orange County anymore. It started as a harmless little pastime and then got out of hand. I just watched it because they made me feel superior.

6. I resolve to really LOOK at the decor of my adult childrens' homes so I don't accidently buy the same couch or clock or paint the walls the same color thus creeping out the in-laws who might think they all spend too much time with me any way but would never say so because they are too kind.

7. I resolve to sit down more. This allows my husband to think its OK if he sits down more. The work will always be there in the morning. He and I may not .

8. I resolve to finish my book and have it published. The title is Ashland Avenue.

9. I resolve to hug each of my family members each time they leave my home no matter how busy I am doing something meaningless.

10. I resolve to keep making funny faces, funny noises, funny food, funny music, funny gestures with my grandchildren because tomorrow...they will be all grown up.

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