Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Frosty the snow woman

December 22, 2009

I gave up my obnoxious over the top feminist ways many years ago. It just took so much energy to be mad at all men all the time. So whenever I hear someone go out of their way to replace the word "man" with "woman" I am amused. Yesterday Allana and I were building a snow MAN, that is, it was a snow MAN until I addressed him as such and Allana decided it was a snow WOMAN who needed a girl scarf, not a boy scarf and a girl nose not a boy nose. Nothing feminist about any of this at all. She's just 5 and thinks all things little girl are very cool. I agree.

Later we made cookies with little brother Wesley. I have been teaching Allana and older sister Nicole how to cook for a while, and then suddenly brother Wes wanted to be involved too. Boys cook differently though. Egg cracking is not the gentle "oooooo look at the cute little egg"event that it was to the sisters. To Wes it was more "YEAH ! Lets crack this sucker open now !" Lots more eggshells to get out of the batter when he helps. Boys and girls really are meant to be different. But in the end the cookies still taste great (We gave the ones with extra "texture" to papa. He cared not)

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