Wednesday, December 30, 2009

She's Got A Ticket To Ride

January 3, 2009

This is my 6 year old mare Nora. She and I have the same hairstyle. Overgrown and flat but her eyes are sweet are they not ? She and I have made a pact. We are going to train these next few months in order to be in good enough shape to participate in some professional training. Not unlike cleaning ones house before the housekeeper comes, I have realized that I must work with her everyday if this new goal for my bucket list is ever to be met. Nora is going to be my middle- age- and- into -retirement horse and it starts now. I've already made the down payment for a three day clinic with Chris Cox . It cost us many many gallons of raw milk and several pounds of pastured pork and beef. If you are a horsey person you can check out Chris Cox at

The clinic is is Oregon, Wisconsin about 4 hours from here and starts August 22, 2010. It includes 3 full days of training for both me and my horse. I will trailer her up there, stay in the cabins provided, be whiped into shape by Mr Cox and his staff and then come home. Provided I am in one piece. If I am not then they will just have to ship the broken parts under separate cover.

Since I now ride infrequently and for less than an hour at a time I have quite a bit of conditioning to do prior to this next event. I used to ride all the time but then I got busy advising Sarah Palin, rebuilding international relationships, screening Obama's calls(just get a job would cha please ?) and I would put the horses off until the end of the day. By then I was asleep. Thus, I have some work to do.

I also have to learn to drive a trailer. Just a minor detail . I can trailer my horse forward but have yet to be able to back it up. This spring I plan to drive myself silly pulling the trailer round and round, backwards and forwards in the front four acres practicing. Horses. Can't stop loving them better start using them before my husband turns that front pasture into another hog resort. So I have 8 months to train, get fit, increase my life insurance, solidify my health insurance, hire a ghost rider...and catch my horse.

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