Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Great Pyrenees Returneth

December 19, 2009

Everyone its OK to tell Keith. He knows. The puppy has arrived. Thanks to my internet search engine wiz Stacey L. , I was able to find a wonderful 9 week old female Great Pyrenees only 2.5 hrs from us AND she was reasonably priced. (Thank you Melinda and Mike)

The second this not so little puppy peeked around her home barn at us, we were smitten. Actually she had us at hello. Raised outdoors and acclimated to goats, sheep, horses and a llama, we knew this little gal was a keeper. Yes, I know, I once said after Chubs was gone there would be no more long haired dogs. Well, the facts are that short haired dogs make look pretty but generally fair poorly in the farm setting. Always wanting coats, hats, and gloves I grew tired of the short haired dogs weak constitution. (Big friggin' babies). So we are back to the breed we know, love and trust and comes with their own fur coat.

Keith has the joy of naming her so you know it might take a little while :) in the meantime I'll just refer to her as "fuzzy- wuzzy- was- a- bear."or FWWAB. So FWWAB is a quiet and gentle as Freddie our 1/2 border collie is wound up and excited. They were immediately smitten with each other and Freddie quickly toured her around the barn introducing her to the other manger inhabitants. FWWAB licked the calves nose, followed the ducks without any attempts at chasing them and snorted right back at the new Red Wattle group.

She them found a quiet space under the feed bunk and went to sleep. Freddie moved in right next to her. She completes him (Jeezy peets it so past time for me to watch some new movies)

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