Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't worry, be happy

December 8, 2009

Every year about this time (the first week of December) I feel anxious. I don't like that word "anxious" but it fits so it stays. I feel that way because Christmas is coming way too fast and I am worried (another word I do not like, "worry" because like "anxious" they are useless words that get in the way of "action", a word I really adore) that Christmas will once again pass by too fast without me having made all the things I want to make or get up all the decorations I want to get up or send all the cards I feel I must send. Where will I find the time to do all the STUFF ?!?

My parents had different agendas at this time of year. My father regressed to his childhood and made Christmas special by making a big deal of hiding gifts and pretending to be Santa on the roof complete with stomping around up there like a herd of reindeer. My mother made it REALLY SPECIAL by keeping enough money away from the kid that was my dad, so there would be food AND heat AND electricity on Christmas day.

I am the product of them both. I want to do all the things that make the season special but get caught up in the goofy stuff like finding the perfect gifts for my family. There are no perfect gifts. There is no perfect gift store . There is however TIME to spend with those I love. So yesterday when my grandchildren were with me , instead of wrapping gifts (I'm behind, so behind) we played with the new Nativity scene I have set up in the dining room. Allana was Mother Mary, Wesley got to move baby Jesus around from camel to camel lamenting all the time that there were no "monsta trucks" in the stable, and I chose to be the three wise men because I really do like to give gifts .I did notice that none of their gifts had co-ordinating ribbon and wrapping paper. I also noticed that my grandkids were quite happy with the gift of my time.

My granddaughter Allana summed it up well with the little note (above) she gave me this past Sunday. Reading from the right it says simply "It is Christmas Yaya." So simple, so to the point. We all need to slow down this time of year and enjoy our families and the precious gifts that they are; direct from Christ . Note to self.

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